My Audition by Jak

My son wrote the following this afternoon after coming home from his audition in London.
I do encourage him to write accounts of his favourite days and his feelings, I bought him a diary to write everything down. Today he asked me to publish this:

My audition

At first I was nervous, so much so that my knee’s were shaking, even though I couldn’t feel them because it was so cold outside. Bbbrrrrrrr.
I didn’t know what to expect and when I was called up along with the other boys that were in my group to go into the hall, I was a bit scared as my mum had to stay outside.
When i got in their I met a boy called Ben, this was his fourth west end audition and he said that his favourite audition so far was for the sound of music. I was so shocked to hear this, because today was my first. So when they asked me to sing, I was even more nervous.
I had to sing the first eight lines of ‘consider yourself’ infront of everyone.
But then remembered the words of wisdom from my Grandad, who I spoke to on the phone before going in
” it’s not about getting the part its about having fun, it doesn’t matter about getting the part there will be much more auditions to come in the future”
so I got on with it and sang my heart out.
Unfortunately I did not get part but it was the most fun I have had for ages.

Thanks Grandad!!!!

By Jak Wright also known as the artful Dodger *said in a cockney accent*.