Summer Holidays, when memories are made!

Summer holidays are awesome, not just because It’s summer time and we get to see the sun for a few days of the holidays or because i get 5 weeks off of work to spend with my boys but there are many reasons why I love Summer!

  • I get to spend 5 Whole weeks with the boys, all day 24/7. The joys of working in a school means i don’t need to find childcare for the boys whilst they are off school, it means that i can spend quality time with them myself.
  • I get to have a lay in in the mornings, maybe just an extra 15 minutes but it all mounts up
  • Knowing that i can go to bed late and not worry about getting the children up the next morning ready for school, we have lazy mornings where we sit around in our PJ’s and watch TV
  • Summer Holidays means there will be many inflatable days to attend, there is one to attend every week during the summer. They keep the children entertained all day long.


  • The boys play in the garden every day with each other and have some quality bonding time. This year we have bought a play area for them and it was just put up in July just before they finished school for the holidays, they have spent every day out there playing in the fort, swinging away on the swings, sliding down the curly slide and making up games to play in the house.


  • The swimming pool is up in the garden and the boys spend time swimming and playing games in it everyday. Jak and Joseph swim in the pool every morning and sometimes don’t get out of it for a good couple of hours. They play diving games and have swimming races against each other, their swimming techniques have come on leaps and bounds since having he pool up, Jak is so smooth under the water and Joseph has started to learn how to swim under water too. They like to have their friends round to enjoy the pool with them and they often have their birthday parties in it.




  • We have lots of fun days out to many new places that we have been before, this summer we have been to Pleasurewood Hills theme park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Maldon Park and Cornwall

20130822-103222.jpg 20130822-103105.jpg

  • We have our holiday away in Cornwall, a favourite holiday destination for all of us, Jak loves to go surfing, Joseph loves playing in the rock pools, Oliver loves burying himself in the sand, Dad likes to swim in the sea and I just like to sit back and watch them all enjoy them self
  • 20130822-103028.jpg
  • Visiting different beaches, whilst in Cornwall we went to four beaches for our days out and even if the sun isn’t shining we enjoy sitting down on the sand watching the waves crash against the beach whilst the boys build sand castles, Exploring the caves and rocks and enjoying a paddle in the sea.


  • Festivals! As an adult i have never been to a festival which is quite shocking as we live so close to the V festival in Chelmsford but every summer there is Lollibop to look forward to which is the Big bash for little people. The boy love attending Lollibop and never fail to have lots of fun.



  •  We Visit Nanny, the boys love seeing Nan but as she lives 30 miles away we don’t see her as much as we would like to, so when we have time off of school we take advantage of spending a few days there at her bungalow.


  • As we live so close to London, we spend quiet a bit of our summer up there meeting up with Daddy during his lunch time or just visiting the many parks that their is up there. We love to walk along the embankment to watch the boats go by on the River Thames and stand and watch some of the street artists, or even watch a show in the westend. This year we was lucky enough to all go and see Brainiac Live which was big hit with all of the boys, Jak even got called up on stage to participate 🙂



  • Outdoor Splash parks are popping up all over the place nowadays and they are fabulous places to go for a quick cool down



I love spending time with my boys and with only 2 weeks left of the summer holidays i am feeling quite sad that it will all come to an end, I really don’t want the government to shorten the holidays as this is the only time i get to spend quality time with them. Our weekends are normally taken up with football training, drama classes or Gymnastics so we don’t normally have enough time together to enjoy ourselves.

We have one more holiday to go on in Lincolnshire to add to this summer of dreams and then its back to work and school.

What have you been up to this summer?


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