Summer grape treats

These lovely little sweets treats are prefect eaten on a summers day, on their own or accompanied with some cool Ice cream.
They are ideal treats to be on the table at a children’s party. They are simple and quick to make, even the children can make them.


What you need :

Grapes – the bigger the better
White chocolate
Hundreds and thousands
Cocktail sticks

Instructions :

First Melt the chocolate

Then place a cocktail stick in one end of the grape,  I found that the best end was the other end as to where the grape came off of the vine.

Dip the grape into the chocolate, then roll it in the hundreds and thousand


Place onto a plate. Once all of the grapes are done, put them into a fridge to cool.


The grapes will become nice and cool and the chocolate will set and become hard.

Hope you enjoy!  🙂


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