Summer fun with Skylanders

The letterbox tinkled with exciting post, the boys have received a lovely summers gift from Skylanders, an activity pack to keep them entertained through the summer holidays.

Within the package of goodies was:

  • 6 Packs of Skylanders giants Stickers (which have been stuck all over the boys bedroom rather than in the sticker book )
  • 1 collectable Dog tag
  • 1 back to school wipe clean calendar for the month of September
  • 1 Summer Holiday Fun Activity Pack
  • 1 Drawstring backpack


Joseph couldn’t wait to put on his Dog tag, he got Terrafin! There are 44 tags to collect which includes 6 of the Giant Skylander Characters.



The Summer Fun Activity pack has 5 pages of fun puzzles and activities to do including a word search, spot the difference, a maze and match the skylander picture to its name. Joseph did really well with matching the skylanders up to their names but he got a bit lost on the maze lol so Mummy had to help out 😉 Within the activity pack their is also a page where you can draw your favourite character. Joseph drew a very colourful Chop Chop.



The boys have the calendar up on the Kitchen wall with dates that they need to remember clearly marked on it, as the month goes on i am sure that this will be full up.



Some activity ideas in the pack to keep the children entertained were:

  • Story telling time – Take it in turns with a friend to read a chapter of your Skylanders book out loud, get creative with different voices for each character
  • Stargazing – On a clear night, see what constellations you can spot – are there any that look like Skylanders Characters? Or on a cloudy day you can do what the boys do and see if they can see characters out of them
  • Hide and Seek – Hide your characters around the garden or home and see if your friends or family can find them

Our own ideas:

  • Play battle field with your Skylanders, the boys choose their own Skylander character and battle against each other using the Skylanders powers
  • Design your own Skylander and choose its powers
  • Make a Skylander out of clay or Playdough


The children were sent the activity pack and we have shared our thoughts with you about it. No payment has been received for this post.



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