Spending Quality Time With The Disney 365 Stories For Boys Book

With the recent family benefit cuts The Works are looking to promote ways in which parents can save themselves cash and yet still spend quality time with their children. Buying books is a much cheaper way of entertainment than buying the latest game for a console. Evidence suggests that reading books is actually better for young children’s development than watching the Television

The Works has interviewed professionals in the field, including children’s literacy expert, Dr Sandra Williams, and the National Literacy Trust, to establish the benefits of reading books.

Dr Sandra Williams said: “Reading a book, together with the tactile turning of the page is pleasurable and a good picture book has qualities that may not be found in electronic media.  What is important is the construction of the child and many good quality picture books invite active participation and involvement.  Significantly the authors/illustrators leave gaps for the readers to fill. There is a tension between text and picture which invites consideration.””

Reading books leaves room for the imagination and aides children with their imagination. My eldest boy loves to read books and is always recreating a story that he has read with his younger brother in a play, reading stories help him with his English and has widened his vocabulary. He has written a few stories himself and has amazed me with his imaginative words which he would not have if he didn’t read so many books.

My boys have their own book shelf full of a wide variety of books, fact and fiction. Having such a vast amount gives them a choice of stories to read at the snap of a little finger. Although my boys are aged between 10 and 1 years old, they all seem to enjoy the same type of books which saves me money as they can be passed down and shared between them. My middle son Joseph is 5 years old and is just beginning to enjoy reading books as he can understand and recognise the text in them.

Reading together with all my boys is something special, it’s the only time that they still together with no bickering and jumping around, I get to cuddle up close to them and we all enjoy the story together.

We was sent a copy of Disney 365 Stories for Boys to read as a family, the book is action packed with stories for every day of the year, each page is a calendar.


We spent 10 minutes a day reading a story from the date that it was, we talked about the story and what happened in it, we discussed the characters and even though on each page there is only one little picture the boys wanted to sit and look at it.

20130226-062652.jpgThe book is beautifully set out with cute little pictures which help the stories come to life for the children.

The boys have really enjoyed reading this book together, they keep the book by their bedside and get the correct page ready for me to read it to them, even the toddler who is 19 months old comes running up to us to listen in on storytime. It is not often that i get all of the boys sitting quietly together for a length of time for something that they all enjoy and plus i get lots of snuggles as they all want to see the book which means they have to come closer 🙂

We experimented on reading a story from the book and watching a TV programme together but it just didn’t go as smoothly, the eldest sat still on the sofa but my middle boy, Joseph’s attention soon became a lack of, he was constantly moving about and fidgeting with whatever he could get hold off and even began to climb all over his older brother making the toddler thinking it was funny to do so and he joined in, it was mayhem! You see, my boys fight for my attention and with them just having to sit still and watch something on TV (they don’t all enjoy the same programmes either) they couldn’t do it as I was focusing on the what was on the box rather than them, so in order to get my attention the whole sitting comfortably and relaxing on the sofa becomes unbearable!

I love the quality time that is given to you when you read stories together and I know that my boys will pay attention to the story as it is something that they are interested in and to be honest it really doesn’t matter if it is fact or fiction as they will show an interest in any book.


The book is also available for Girls and can be bought from The Works.

We was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this post.


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