Spectating A Mudrace

Every year Maldon Promenade Park holds an event where competitors race 400m across the river bed of the River Blackwater, it used to be held on new years day but for the past two years it has been around April -May due to having extremely cold weather. The race can only take place at low tide so that the water is low enough for the competitors to run/wade safely through the water/mud to the opposite bank and back again.

The popularity of the race continues to strive and provides a great days entertainment with over 12000 spectators.

Today the boys and I joined up with my family and stood there on the banks of the river ready to watch these fabulous people mostly in fancy dress cross over the bank and get completely caked with mud from head to toe.

20130505-211153.jpg 20130505-211208.jpg


We witnessed people pulling themselves through the mud with their arms, rolling to get through it, crawling through it, sliding on it and even getting completely stuck in it up to their waist where they had to stay for help.



As more and more of the competitors took to the banks the more the mud became unsettled making it virtually impossible for others to get through it!


As you can see from the above picture how many people turned up to watch, it was packed!

It was fun to watch but i bet it was even more fun to participate in.

The park has a brilliant play area where there is a huge wooden ship climbing frame surrounded by sand, the boys had lots of fun playing around with their cousins, chasing each other and having lots of fun in the sun.

Oliver really liked having his feet covered with the sand

20130505-211314.jpgWe finished our day off back at nanny’s house where Oliver was surprised with a lovely gift he received from nanny, his own little trampoline!

20130505-211325.jpgWe have had a lovely exciting day and although i shouldn’t have laughed at the very brave people getting stuck in the mud it did make fabulous viewing.




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