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Have you ever had a problem with keeping socks on your baby’s feet?

When oliver was a baby there wasn’t many socks or slippers that i could find that would stay on his little feet. It’s not that he was tiny for his age but he has tiny ankles just like his big brothers, the socks that i bought for him never seemed to stay on his feet they just always fell off leaving his little toes cold. I used to find his socks at the bottom of the carry cot in his pram too, wherever they could come off they would!

As he got older i then had the problem where he liked to take off his socks and decide to either throw them to the floor or to eat them (i have no idea why babies need to do this) and I don’t think i am the only one with this problem as when i am walking down the street i am always spotting the odd baby sock laying on the floor. Well there is a solution and that is Sock Ons!.


Sock Ons were invented by a mum of five boys who always lost their socks! They are an award winning garment that was designed to keep the baby’s socks on by placing them over the sock which then locks them onto the feet. They are definitely an ingenious design and a clever little item that i couldn’t do with out when oliver was a baby and also as a toddler too.



They come in lots of different colours, the classic range : light blue, dark blue, light pink, dark pink and white and the bright range: Red, lime, lemon, turquoise, blueberry, grape, chocolate, orange and charcoal. Now you can match up the sock ons with your baby’s outfit and they are super trendy little accessories too, I had many people point them out and everyone who noticed them all agreed on how cute they looked and also what a fabulous idea they are.

They come in two different sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 month.

You are advised to take them off when the child is sleeping and not to wear them with shoes or when the baby is walking but i must admit we have kept them on over Oliver’s sleepsuit to keep his feet in them as they are too big for him (only at the older age though) and as he was an early walker at 8 months old he has worn them whilst walking. He wears them now at the age of 14 months as he still is only in size 2 shoes and has still got tiny little ankles. Since wearing the Sock Ons we haven’t lost a single sock and he doesn’t tend to take his socks off anymore, we did venture out the other day without wearing the Sock Ons and he soon took off his socks and throwing them to the floor so I now keep a spare pair in my changing bag just incase i forget to put them on him and as they are only small they take up hardly any space at all.

The material is nice and soft and when worn on the feet leaves no marks left on your baby’s skin. They can be stretched over the foot and easy to put on. Not only are they comfortable for the baby but are also very trendy, I like that i could buy them in different colours to match his outfits and I had lots of comments from other parents about them, all saying how cute they look and what a fabulous idea!

I would definitely recommend them to other parents, I have even bought them as gifts for new parents from myself.

If you would like to find out more about Sock Ons please visit their website where you can also find a stockist near you.

Thank you to for sending me a pair to review, all of the words and opinions are of my own.


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