Smile :-)

Is a smile really a smile or is it a pianting posted onto a face?

Is it a smile of happines or falseness?

Does the smile disappear behind closed doors?

Is the smile really hiding sadness and woe?

Is the smile a true smile from the heart or instinct kicking in to hide fear?

Do the eyes sparkle like stars when the lips turn up?

Is it just a cover up, is it showing real emotion?

What is really behind a smile?

Is the smile a question or an answer?

A smile is in all languages!

Please look deeper than the smile on someones face because sometimes we smile because we feel we have to, if you think that the smile is a cover up please be a friend and offer support, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

A smile can not be bought or borrowed for it is something that is of no value until given away, a smile costs nothing and brings so much joy to others

Give someone a smile and make there day!


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