Skylanders Easter Egg

Easter weekend may well be over but we are still on our school holidays, to celebrate Easter Skylanders have sent us an Easter Egg with a difference.

Skylanders have chosen us join in on the mission to protect and guard Skylands treasured Easter Eggs from the evil Kaos who is trying to hunt them all down as part of a wicked plan that he has.

We have been sent a giant orange egg to disguise any way which we please in order to make it more difficult for Kaos to find.


Jak got his creative cap on and using the acrylic paints that was sent in the pack that we received he painted a new design on the egg. As Skylanders Giants is all about collecting jewels, diamonds and treasure Jak decided to add some glitter and sparkles to his design.

The egg splits into two which makes it easier to decorate each half as it can sit flat on a table or work surface.

What do you think of his Egg decorating?


On one side of the egg Jak painted his own character that he designed called The Deathitor and the other side has a painting of Eye Brawl with a googly eye stuck on as his big eye.



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