Shmore cake please 22/365

It’s Sunday morning and the boys are up and playing games on the playstation (or fighting may I add) Dad is out running in a cross country race and I am just relaxing on the sofa. 

‘Mum, can we make that marshmallow cake?’ Says the eldest boy

‘OK, let’s do it!’

The eldest nips round to the shop to grab some supplies as we don’t have bad stuff in the house lol

He grabs some big marshmallows, big chocolate bars and some digestive biscuits.

We smoothed Nutella over one side of the digestive biscuits and placed them evenly into the oven proof dish.

Next we placed another biscuit on top of the Nutella biscuits, as to make a sandwich. 

Put the chocolate bars over the top of the biscuits. Try to keep them whole or break up into chunky pieces.

Place more digestives on top of the chocolate bars with Nutella smoothed over them.

Then cover with the marshmallows.

Now your ready to bake. Just 10 minutes will do at 170c.

Then enjoy with ice cream or on its own

WARNING! This is full of sugar and will give you a major sugar rush.

I am desperate to gain weight and doing it the naughty way. Another half a stone and I shall be cutting the sugar out again.


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