Sewing with children

Do you like to teach your children skills that may well be needed as an adult?

Do you have a skill that can be passed onto your child?

Since the age of 15, I have always been interested in sewing, that much so that at the age of 16 I studied Fashion at college for two years. I had never used a sewing machine before and once I started the course my Dad bought me a Singer machine for a Christmas present. I remember being over the moon with it and stitching up things that didn’t really need stitching up lol. I went on from college to University to study BA (Hons) Fashion and used my machine at every opportunity (mainly for course work) as the years have passed by and the many houses that I have lived in, the machine has been with me. Now, nearly 20 years on and I am still using the machine, doing the odd alteration and making the children new stuffed toys. Recently I made a tote lunch bag and snack bag and had many friends asking me to make some for them (unfortunately due to not having any spare time, I have only managed to make 2)

With my love of sewing quickly fading away with time 🙁 I asked my eldest son Jak if he would like to learn how to use the sewing machine, thinking he was going to tell me that sewing was girls I didn’t expect him to say “yes” with such enthusiasm.

I cut out a small piece of felt and drew on some lines with tailor chalk


I showed him where the notch was on the sewing foot and told him that if he kept the chalk marking in line with the notch on the foot, then with a gentle press on the foot pedal he should be able to follow the marking and sew a perfect line.


He guided the material through the foot, using both hands, gently and slowly he followed the line. He kept focused and concentrated and even managed to follow a zigzag marking


He done everything I taught him
– Guiding the material with two hands
– Gently pressing his foot down on the pedal and slowly easing off if he felt is was going too fast
– Cutting down the thread as he went
– Holding the thread taut when he was beginning to stitch, making sure thy the thread wouldn’t slip through the eye of the needle as it went into the material
– Making sure that the sewing foot was always down
– Followed the chalk marking
– Lifted up the sewing foot when he needed to turn the material but remembering to keep the needle in the material

He even learnt how to back stitch!

He was really proud of his work from his first sewing machine lesson and is now talking about attempting to make something. I am glad that he wants to learn how to sew as this will help him when he is an adult if he ever needs to darn his own socks 🙂


The question is what will he make??


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