Sensory Bath

Oliver hasn’t been feeling himself for the past couple of days so I thought that making bath time a little bit more fun than normal would place that smile back onto his little face.

I filled up the bath and added some :
– Bubble Bath
– Bubble wand from Lush
– Glow Sticks
– Colourful bath Boats

Oliver had fun searching for the sticks under all of the bubbles and he enjoyed waving the bubble wand in the water to create more bubbles.

He searched for the boats and we talked about what colour they were, which he repeated. I hid the boats under the many bubbles that he made and he searched through them looking for the boats, I did get a couple of smiles from him but they didn’t last long before he started to yawn and told me ‘enough! Me get out!’
Bless him he would normally cry if I tried to take him out of the bath, so he must be feeling rather icky!

We did get some lovely pictures though and I am quite sure that he enjoyed himself. Since getting out of the bath he has repeated the words that he learnt, wand, bubbles, stick, yellow and blue!




Oliver loved feeling the bubbles on his hands and kept trying to pick them up and he like swirling the sticks around in the water.

What do you add into your children’s baths to add some fun?


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