Sending A Hug During Lockdown

At the moment we are all experiencing big changes in our lifestyles and missing visiting close family and friends is one of them.

There are many ways that we can keep in touch; by phone, video calling, texts’ and emails but the one thing that we can not do is touch or hug them. I know my boys have been finding it hard not seeing their Nan and the one thing they miss the most is not being able to give her a hug. There’s nothing quite like a hug from your Nan.

We don’t live near to my Mum, so we only normally see her on a weekend or over a half term holiday. With lockdown now going into the 7th week and with both my Mum and myself shielding because of vulnerability, we haven’t been able to see her since February.

Our phone calls often end with my Mum having a little cry as she misses the boys so much. So we really wanted to do something a little special for her. I had seen on the internet about sending a hug to a loved one in the post. Making a doorstep visit wouldn’t be possible either as I know that would be just too upsetting for Nan to see the boys and not be able to hold them close to her.

So as we can’t see my Mum in person or give her a hug, we decided to send her one.

Sending a hug in the post

You will need:

  • Plain paper – Pastel or white
  • Pencil and pen or felt tip
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • The hug needs to be long enough to wrap around someone’s body. So take a few pieces of paper and glue them together so that you make one long piece of paper.
  • Place your left hand on the paper and draw around it. You need to draw the arm too
Showing how to draw around the hand on paper

Make sure that the hand that you are drawing around has the finger tips towards the top of the paper.

  • Now draw around your right hand and arm
  • Using a ruler, connect the lines of the arm together.
  • You should now have one long arm with a hand on both ends
  • Make sure that the thumbs are pointing upwards, just as you would hug someone
  • Cut it out
A hug cut out made up of hands and arm

Now you have a personalised hug to send to a loved one in the post. You can draw in details on the hands , like finger-nails or knuckles. You could even colour the nails in or add in a watch or bracelet. Anything to make it personal.

We wrote a message on both sides. The messages are some that we just googled and copied

A paper hug to send in the post

Now all that is left to do is send it to someone who you want to hug.


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