Selwood Sandbox Review

Summers here and it’s time for the children to take to spending all their spare time in the garden. During the winter months they play on the trampoline and in the summer they spend their time splashing around in the swimming pool. Joseph, my 4 year old loves to play in the sandpit in the garden, he has plenty of buckets, spades and shapes to play with and can spend hours just playing with it, I think he finds it relaxing as well as enjoyable. Playing with sand is good for children’s hand and arm motor skills and helps them to understand measurements and different textures. Children learn through playing in sand, it helps with their imagination and creativity, they can learn to share with others who they are playing with by expressing their ideas with them. Joseph enjoys moving the sand from one place to another with his spade and also filling up his bucket and tipping it upside down to make castles with. By playing in sand, children learn to dig, pour, empty, measure, fill up items, pretend play, and get to understand different textures and learn that when wet sand absorbs.

We was lucky to be contacted by Climbimgframesuk to review one of their wooden sandpits. Joseph was really looking forward to it arriving as he had previously had a plastic sand table which got ruined during the winter months through the elements of the weather.

Climbing Frames UK is the leading specialist in the UK for wooden climbing frames & outdoor play equipment with swings and a range of different slides. They have a huge range of wooden playsets, which includes a selection of sets for smaller gardens, right through to premium play systems for those with plenty of space to dedicate to kids garden play equipment. They have a fabulous range of wooden swing sets, trampolines and outdoor toys including playhouses and sandpits all produced to a fantastic quality. Climbing Frames UK pride themselves on the durability and finish of their products, and believe that their ranges of outdoor wooden play equipments are the best value you’ll find anywhere.

The sandpit we was sent was a Selwood Sandpit measuring in at 1m sq. It was delivered flat packed all in one box, including a ground sheet and a waterproof cover. The wood has already been treated with selwood and no re-staining is required.

Joseph and myself put the sandpit together ourselves and the first thing we noticed was the quality of the wood and it smealt gorgeous, almost like perfume. As you can see from the picture below, Joseph couldn’t help but sniff it!

It didn’t take us long to put it all together, probably about 10 minutes and all we needed was a screwdriver. Joseph pointed out that he liked the corners because they looked like seats and that it would give him somewhere to sit. There was already pre-drilled holes so all i had to do was place the screw into them. The wood is of a high standard, good quality and very strong although it is very light to carry.

Once we had assembled the sandpit we took it outside to find a home for it. Joseph wanted to put it at the back of the garden which was fine by me as then if there was any stray sand thrown out of the pit then the further from the house the better. We placed some foam mats underneath it first as our garden isn’t very flat and even, now all we had to do was fill it with sand. The ground sheet that comes with it does not attach to the sandpit, it is only there to place on the floor to stop weeds from growing through. It does help when finding somewhere to place the pit that it is very flat as then there will be gaps at the bottom for the sand to fall through.

Daddy went out and got some sand and we filled it up ready for playtime.

Digging here and digging there!

The Sandpit is not recommended for children under the age 36 months but my 10 month old loved playing in the sand with his elder brother, with supervision i think this is fine. Oliver loved feeling the texture of the sand in his hands and both him and his big brother sat in the pit and there was plenty of room to still play with the sand equipment.

It’s playtime!

We found the sandpit to be strong, easy to assemble and good value for money and with all the rain we have been having it has definitely been tested with being waterproof. The cover for the sandpit is a snug fit and keeps all the sand dry, ready to be used when the rain stops. We also found that with the cover on you could store some of the toys under it too and it not only keeps the sand dry but also those pesky little animals and garden minbeasts out of it.

You can buy this sandpit from for £29.00 (current sale price) and delivery is normally 5-10 days.


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