See It, Go Home, Think About It, Buy It! The summer dress

I went shopping today, just for a bit of retail therapy and to meet up with my sister-in-law and have a sneaky cuddle with my cute little niece.

When buying for the boys, I find it easy. I could happily spend all day long buying oodles of trendy clothes for them, but when it comes to spending money on myself i find it hard to put my hand in purse. I always think

‘Do I need it?’

‘Will i really wear it?’

‘Will it suit me?’

I will walk from shop to shop, looking at clothes, picking them up, trying them on, hanging them over my arm, look around the shop some more and then after 5 minutes putting them back as my conscience has kicked in and i feel that i shouldn’t be spending money on myself, don’t get me wrong if it’s a practical piece of clothing like a pair of leggings or a t-shirt then i will buy them as i know they will get worn everyday, but if it’s a dress or a pair of jeans then i have to give it some thought.

If i have seen an item of clothing while out shopping and i really like it then i will think about all day long, like today for example. I saw a dress in a display in ‘Next’ shop window and i instantly liked it and 7 hours later i am sitting in my living room dreaming of me wearing the dress, I just can not get it out of my head. The red, white and blue maxi dress is taking over my head and i can not think straight, now when this happens to me I have to buy it. I am now thinking

‘I need that dress!’

‘That dress will look good on a summers day!’

So i have now logged on to my account on the internet and bought the dress, needs must and all. It’s gorgeous, attractive, very summery and a steal at £35. The dress is an ideal piece of clothing to show your support for the GB team in the Olympics too.

The picture shows the dress with the flag print all over it but in the shop it is just on a panel down the front of it. I am excited now and looking forward to wearing it. I adore the colours and am slightly in love with the British flag at the moment. The dress looks comfortable and is all floaty so it will hide those lumps and bumps that i have. I think it will look fab with  pair of cork wedge sandals or some flats and certainly can be worn day or night.

So what do you think of my choice of dress?



4 thoughts on “See It, Go Home, Think About It, Buy It! The summer dress

  1. I do that too. If I see something and am still thinking about it the next day, then I know it’s the right thing to buy. Very patriotic. Must find something to celebrate the UK for myself too.

    1. Take a look at Next, they have some cool supporters clothes 🙂
      If I see something and I am still thinking about the next day then It generally means I won’t stop thinking about it until I buy it 🙂 x

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