Schools Athletics Day! Good or Bad?

This year the school that the boys attend held an athletics day for years 3-6, where handpicked children from all of the classes got to compete against each other, our school has two buildings (1 a new build 0.9 miles away) so although the pupils are all from the same school they do not know each other and only get to meet up at events like these or on the odd day trip out. Parents are invited along during school hours to watch their children if they have been picked to represent their class in an event, the children that did not get picked stayed inside in their classrooms and didn’t get to cheer on their classmates

The younger children who are in years 1 and 2 got to have their very own athletics day where the whole class were involved either by cheering on their friends or by competing in one of three events. Parents were not invited along to this event but was still held throughout the day in school hours.

The run up to the athletics day saw every child try all the events out during their weekly PE classes, the teacher who was running the lesson would mark down who was the best out of each event, long distance, sprint, high jump, long jump and relay.

As a parent to a year 5 and year 1 child, the eldest being picked for the high jump and the younger boy not been picked to represent his class for anything, i kind of feel like my younger boy was penalised for not being sporty. Not that Joseph minded he was happy enough to just sit and wave his flag around to support his class, but their are children that cry because they don’t get picked and they know the reason why they don’t get picked aswell.

I love how the children like to be competitive against each other and a bit of healthy competition is good for them, but why can these type of events not be run after school or maybe try and involve every child, some of the older children were actually in two event! one of these spaces could have been given to a child that wasn’t competing at all!

I watched the eldest come a closes second in his category, he jumped very high and has potential to take it up as a sport, the moment he knocked the bar off and knew that he was second he walked over to the boy that jumped higher than him, put his arm around him and congratulated him on winning.

My eldest boy excels in pretty much everything that he does but the youngest isn’t like his big brother, he struggled at his reading and phonics and has fought hard to be where he is through shear determination in wanting to learn, he isn’t very sporty and not very competitive, He does like his gymnastics and is very good at swimming. He never gets picked for anything in school where as Jak has been picked for a few things, the youngest has never experienced standing up in front of the school assembly to collect a celebration award as in 9 months of being in year 1 and a class of 26 he has never been awarded it! No he isn’t very good at catching a ball or throwing a bean bag but i’m sure if he was given a little bit of trust he would try his best at it just as much as the other children.

Am i wrong for feeling this way? As i feel that their wasn’t much more that the school could do.

Should all children be involved in these type of events or should they be just for the children that are talented in a specific area?

Should they be held as an after school event?

I don’t know! Neither do i have the answer but i’m just glad that My little boy is mature enough to enjoy the day and say “We are all winners even if I didn’t compete!”



3 thoughts on “Schools Athletics Day! Good or Bad?

  1. I have all the same issues with my children. It will be my Country Kids post next week with many of the same issues lurking. In the end life isn’t fair and I’m not sure there is perfect answer. I feel sorry for all non sporty kids on sports day and non academic kids the rest of the year!

  2. Oh it is a difficult one. I like the idea of them all participating myself, but there gets to a point where the same kids win every time because they are the best. You could argue that they could do team races but then the ones that aren’t as strong get moaned at (or at least that is what I found for me!) Big man thinks his team came third because he got a sticker – on the basis they seemed to lose every race I watched I think everyone got stickers – which at 5 is fine x

  3. i couldnt agree more, tho I’m not sure the year 3-6 were hand selected on talent, as in yr 5 the 2 shortest in my sons class, both boy and girl, were chosen for high jump ….against your son…who icidentally I agree did fantastic!!!

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