School Run Style with Joe Brown

Before i had children I would  like to say i was pretty trendy, I didn’t wear trainers or flats and spent most of my time in a nice tailored pair of slacks with a blouse. I spent nearly every weekend in a dress and loved to wear my gorgeous high heels oh and I was never too shy to don a skimpy bikini showing off my curves. Now 9 years later i spend every day in jeans, leggings and t-shirts, I do try my best to mix and match the items of clothing that i have in the hope of tricking the human eye into thinking that i have many clothes but unfortunately due to lack of money i do not. Now, if you want to look at my boys wardrobe that would be a different matter, they have all the styles available and never want for a stylish shirt or some fitted shorts, they even have a room full of hats.

If you are very unlucky to see me on a school run (especially in the morning) you will notice that i am dressed for comfort, Flat shoes just incase i need to run after one of the boys, leggings or jeans because they don’t really need ironing and a plain t-shirt (lovely bright colours though). It really isn’t easy to look stylish and chic at 8.30 in the morning particularly when i have spent the last hour and a half running around the house gathering up the boys and getting them ready for school, making pack lunches and feeding the baby. Half the time i leave the house with food down my front from the baby throwing his food at me or sick stains down my shoulder yuk! Not very yummy mummy eh!

Well the lovely Joe Brown has come to my rescue they have set bloggers a challenge (and i love a challenge) to create a school run style from their styles available in their online shop, they want us to show off our stylist skills that would make other mummies green with envy.

I have unleashed the stylist within and I am sharing with you all my choice of a School Run Outfit.

Et Voila!

1. The perfect summer dress, floaty and flowery, nips in at the waist with a belt, the ideal way to show off your curves. I would feel relaxed and all girly in this, something i definitely need being surrounded by boys everyday.

2. Canvas peep toe wedges, these are bang on trend and very stylish. Lovely and bright and would boost up my height slightly. Wearing wedges would be easier to walk in than stilettos and elongates your legs.

3. Funky festival denim waistcoat, this would look fabulous with anything but even better with the picnic dress. I really like the look of denim with floral and I like to show my arms off so this perfect.

4. I had to add these wellies to my school run outfit. Come on! you know what the great british weather is like and i want to keep my tootsies dry don’t I? plus how could i not they are all flowery and festival looking.

And because every girl likes to accessorize here are some essentials to go with the outfit that i found on the website too

1. The classic Aviator sunglasses that never goes out of fashion and I big enough for me to hide

2. Denim bag to match my denim waistcoat, which sets off the outfit just perfectly.

3. Exotic wooden necklace and the colour matches the shoes brilliantly. I love yellow!

So what do you think of my School Run Style?

This is my entry into joebrowns competition with bestbritishbloggers and in the hope to win £250.


3 thoughts on “School Run Style with Joe Brown

  1. Love the dress. I always try and opt for a little sleeve though as my arms are slightly wobbly. I bought some Ray Ban aviators a few years ago and they were definitely worth investing in. I wear them all the time.

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