Scattering our Christmas Wishes

It’s Christmas Eve and it won’t be long until the big, friendly guy visits everyone’s house loaded down with gifts for all the family. My boys are aged between 4 and 13, the oldest two know that it’s Mummy and Daddy that deliver the present’s as soon as they go to bed, but the youngest still believes that Santa delivers gifts to him. In our house, it’s only the gifts inside of the stocking that Santa gives them. The others are the ones that we buy them.

Even though the oldest two are not believers anymore they still like to participate in the Christmas Eve traditions. The scattering of the reindeer food and throwing their Christmas Wishes out into the night air.

Christmas Wishes can be whatever they desire. It could be a present they are hoping for themselves or for someone else, a prayer for someone, an intellectual aspiration or a goal that they strongly desire.

Christmas wishes grow in the children’s hands as water is added to them. Once they have expanded in size then they are scattered outside for them to come true.


Add a little glitter to the snow for that added festive magic
Add a little glitter to the snow for that added festive magic

The boys scattered their wishes outside the front of the house, I overheard my middle boy asking for happiness on Christmas Day. He is so thoughtful.

Up high in the sky, my wishes go
Up high in the sky, my wishes go
This one scatters his down low
This one scatters his down low

I hope my boys wishes come true. And I hope that all of your aspirations and dreams come true too!

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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