Sandy toes and salty lips

It’s the summer holidays! As a family we spend most of summer holiday time holidaying in England, and if we get the weather it can be perfect. We have some amazing, beautiful beaches especially down in the south, Cornwall.

We spent last week in Perranporth, Cornwall. We love Cornwall, with its stunning long sandy beaches, great surf, sand dunes and amazing walls along the cliffs. The beach towns are picturesque, it couldn’t get any better than sitting in Newquay Harbour eating an ice cream and watching the waves crash against the shore.

What’s great about the beaches in Cornwall are that many of them have rock pools for the younger children to play in and lots of caves to explore.

We was lucky with the weather, although it was very windy the sun did shine down long enough for us to enjoy the day at the beach

Body boarding

The youngest was pulled along the water by Daddy, he’s small enough to be able to stand up on the body board.

Digging a hole

I absolutely love this photo. It shows energy, fun and adventure.

Hitting the surf

Off he goes into the sea

Hitting the waves

The eldest spent hours out in the water, body boarding. He made friends out on the waves and just enjoyed the sea.


We *heart* Cornwall

Jumping in sand holes

Nothing like digging a huge hole in the sand and jumping into it. The youngest loved doing this the most, the hole was huge.

Ooh no

Falling off of the wave

Sand dune surfing

And if you don’t fancy surfing in the sea and hitting the waves, why not surf the dunes. There are so many sand dunes in Perranporth and among the Haven site Perransands. The boys had so much fun laying down on the body board and sliding down the sand dunes.

We had an amazing week in Cornwall, like we always do. We explored the caves along the beaches, we got salty lips from the sea and surf, we watched the sun set among the dunes and got sand stuck among our toes.

Stay tuned for more photos from our holiday to Perranporth. 🙂


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