Rocket Balloons

Science Experiment

A fun activity that can be done with children of any age.

You will need:

2 balloons

2 paper clips

2 straws


sticky tape/masking tape


And plenty of Space



Measure out two long pieces of string, make sure they are of equal lengths. Thread on a straw on each piece. We taped our string from one end of the room to the other but you can use be more precise in your measurements and use 2 chairs measuring out a specific length.


Blow up the balloons and twist the ends and attach a paper clip to stop the air from escaping. Attach the balloons to the straws by using some sticky tape.


Carefully remove the paper clips and let the balloons go together. Watch how far they travel.


Get ready for take off!

By using different shaped and sized balloons, you will be able to rate what balloons travels the furthest and quickest. The air inside the balloon in under pressure causing the balloon to expel it and pushing the balloon the other way, like a rocket!




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