Project 365 day 1


This year I’m joining in with the 365 photography project, where I will share a picture a day with you.

Today is day 1

We visited Nanny today for New Years Dinner, it was lovely. My mum doesn’t live nearby so we don’t see her as much as we would like to,  it was lovely to spend time together.

We ate, played games, talked and laughed. 
Oliver had us in fits of laughter when we was playing a game he got for Christmas called Cheese Please. He kept picking up the instruction manual, pretending to read it, telling us what to do, he cheated loads too. If he wanted a piece of food to go in his sandwich, he was meant to ask other players if they had it but instead he stood up and pretended to stretch, looking over the shoulders of his brothers to look at their cards.

I’ve loved spending the last 2 weeks with the boys at home, the holidays have gone too fast. This photo will remind me of the fun we have had together.


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