Precious time with the children

Not a day goes by that I don’t spend time with my boys whether it’s reading books together, walking to the shops or playing in the garden, but with having three very active boys it’s not often that I get to spend quality time with each one individually.

I went to work as a Teaching Assistant in Primary school when my youngest Oliver was 1 years old, so I have missed out on us spending time together whilst the oldest two are at school.

Twice a week the oldest two attend a local athletics club for an hour and a half which gives Oliver and I some quality time together. Until recently we have spent it sitting inside the hall watching through the huge, wide windows at the boys running by, some days we would read books together and others we would walk to the local shop for a drink but for the past couple of weeks the weather has been hotting up and the sun has been going down later giving Oliver and I the perfect weather to get out and about in the park.

Last Thursday I promised Oliver that we would go for a ride on the bikes around the park which is next to the running stadium. We all cycled to the stadium together and once the older two boys were settled in, Oliver and I went off for a bike ride around the park. I have a cute little commuters bike which has been set up with a child seat on the back.

The sun was shining so we had packed up a few little snacks to eat by the lake and some bread to feed the ducks down by the pond. We cycled around the perimeter of the park first, talking to each other about the trees and the ducks, which Oliver waved at as we passed.



Oliver wanted to feed the ducks before a spot to eat so we walked down towards the waters edge and began throwing in some of the bread, it wasn’t long before we were throwing in the whole loaf of bread and running away in the opposite direction as the ducks must have either very hungry or very greedy as they started to come up really close and began snatching the bread from our hands (It was actually quite scary!)



After we had escaped the mad ducks we found a little spot away from the lake and sat down to eat our snacks. Oliver kept talking about how the ducks were scary and that he wasn’t going to go back towards the lake in case they pinched his crisps.



I let him have a little play in the play area where he chose to play on his favourite apparatus, the swing



I loved watching Oliver run around the grass enjoying himself but the best part of our time together was the conversations we had whilst cycling along, he told me bout how many birds he could see, he talked about other children who were playing tin the park, we talked about his big brothers and how much he loved them, he pointed out and asked why people were laying on the ground (sunbathing) and the best bit was when we were cycling down a hill and he told me to go faster and faster because he liked to feel the wind on his face.

I liked that I could give him all of my attention, I didn’t see a little boy who is forever arguing with his brothers over a toy, instead I saw a little boy with manners, I heard laughter and I watched him enjoying his play. It was a pleasure to be in his company.

I really enjoyed our hour in the park and am looking forward to this week where we will be doing again, here’s hoping the weather stays nice for us :-)cyclong




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