Potato Stamping

I introduced Oliver to potato stamping yesterday and he absolutely loved it!

He spent ages moving the paint around the paper first with the potato but soon realised he could make marks by stamping the potato down onto the paper.

20130501-210320.jpg 20130501-210331.jpg 20130501-210339.jpg 20130501-210356.jpg

The potato stamps are easy to make

  • Cut a spud in half
  • Carve the shape, letter or number into the potato cutting down about half a centimeter
  • Cut around the sides of the potato near the top removing the part of the spud that isn’t needed to reveal the letter or shape
  • Place some paint onto a plate
  • You are now ready to stamp away and create masterpieces

We used child friendly paint and soft potatoes, the carving needs to be done by an adult.

Oliver learnt quickly on how to place the potato into the paint and then put it down onto the paper, he did say ‘Eat!’ a couple of times but i just said ‘yukky’.

A cheap activity out of old potatoes!



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