Postman Pat makes a special delivery to DVD

The nations favourite postman has been signed, sealed and delivered to the shelves of the shops in the shape of a DVD box. For the first time, you can now join Postman Pat and Jess the black and white cat in new digitally enhanced episodes from the complete 1980s and 1990s original TV Series. Postman Pat is also back in brand new episodes of ‘Special Delivery Service’ from series 2, with deliveries more challenging than ever before!

Postman Pat loves to help out his friends and family, strangers and even animals, he always has a smile on his face and is very friendly. He lives at Forge Cottage with his wife, Sara and son, Julian. Postman Pat delivers mail through out the busy village of Greendale but is almost always relied upon to resolve a problem or two.

The complete Series of One and Two have been released on to DVD, so you can now watch the first ever episodes of Postman Pat

Episode Synopses 

Series One: Postman Pat’s Finding Day, RRP: £6.99

It’s Katy and Tom Pottage’s birthday and there are many parcels for them, but Katy is distressed as she has lost her favourite doll, Sarah-Ann. During his rounds, Pat asks everyone if they have seen Katy’s lost doll, but without success. Finally, Pat stops off at Sam Waldron’s mobile shop and decides to buy Katy a box of chocolates to cheer her up, and there on the shelf is the missing doll. Pat and Jess return the doll to Katy and stay for her birthday party, where Pat has tea and cakes and Jess has a saucer of milk.

Series Two: Postman Pat in a muddle, RRP £6.99

Pat puts his glasses down on the Post Office counter just as Ted Glen brings in a huge parcel and puts in down on the counter – right on top of Pat’s glasses, breaking them. The glasses are now bent and crumpled and Pat does not have a spare pair! He borrows an old pair from Mrs Goggins, and Ted offers to drive him on his rounds but everything gets muddled, and Pat delivers the wrong letters to the wrong people. He accidently delivers a catalogue through the wrong door – into a barn – and then clambers up a ladder and drops through a trapdoor! Luckily Ted and Alf hear him and get him out. Back at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins finds that the glasses were broken and were not Pat’s but the Reverend Timms’ old ones which he was not going to throw away anyway. Pats glasses are safe and he can clearly see again.

Special Delivery Service; Series Two : Chinese Dragon, RRP £6.99


It’s ‘Chinese Day’ at school and the children are really looking forward to a day of special Chinese themed celebration, helped by Michael. As a special surprise Michael has ordered a real Chinese Dragon costume which Pat picks up at the sorting office to deliver to the school. On the way though, naughty horse Pumpkin gets the dragon’s head stuck on his own and as he canters off into the fields the locals are terrified that there’s a REAL dragon on the loose. Thank goodness Pat is there to calm everyone down, bring Pumpkin home AND deliver the dragon to the children.

The boys and I were invited along to a special screening of the Postman Pat DVD’s, where we got to watch an episode from the first ever production of Postman Pat along with some newer versions. I knew the youngest would love watching it but wasn’t sure about the eldest, but I needn’t have worried as he sat there as still as the younger children did and after he said he thoroughly enjoyed them. Jak said his favourite was the SDS episode (newest versions) as it has an helicopter, quad bike, 4×4 and a very modern sorting office making the episodes all the more exciting. I found myself smiling and laughing away with the other children in the room as I watched helpful Pat save the day.

All DVDs are available at Amazon

we was invited along to the screening for the purpose of this post, no payment has been received


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