Plum Baby Taste Adventure Stage 3

The Setting : Souk Medina Tea Room Garden Restaurant, Covent Garden, London. Serving North African Cuisine.

Atmosphere : Laid back, comforting, friendly and relaxed. Candles glowing and incense sticks burning.

Sounds and looks great doesn’t it! No I’m not on a lovely intimate date with Daddy, No I’m not on a girly night out with my friends, Mummy and Oliver were actually there for a baby weaning event run by Plum Baby.

Plum Baby have recently released the new Taste Adventure range based on dishes from around the world hence why myself and other mummy bloggers wear all sitting in African restaurant being served up meze and canapes. The magnificent lady Susie Willis behind Baby plum believes strongly in creating and producing nutritional, adventurous and healthy recipes packed with super foods such as Quinoa and blueberries that area perfect alternative to home-made food. Susie wasnt happy when weaning her third child with the variety of food available, they looked stodgy and tasted very bland which is why she decided to put her own cookery skills to good use and create a range of meals that would revolutionise the weaning of babies. Baby Plum was born.

I met up with some other mummy bloggers Alwaysamum with gorgeous little kai and Mummyadventure with lovely little Dylan earlier on in the morning just so we could have a little natter prior to attending the event, once having a milkshake and little catch up and cooing over each others little ones we set out to make our way to the Souk Medina. Upon on arriving to the restaurant we was greeted by the lovely Lindsay and Vanessa from Plum Baby and taken to through the restaurant to the back room where we were seated with the other bloggers that were in attendance. There was lots of Baby Plum biscuits for the little ones to try and little canapes were handed out to the adults. Oliver really enjoyed munching on the orange and ginger oaty rounds and the oaty strawberry cheesecake oaty melts went down very well too.

Oliver loving the attention from everyone and eating his oaty biccies

While Oliver had a little taste of the goodies i took the chance in trying some of the delicious looking canapes, I love my food (think that’s where Oliver gets his feeding habits from lol) and I really liked them, they were very tasty. I had a good chat with Baby Plums CEO, we talked about our children and why i got into blogging. I felt very much at ease and was really impressed with how everyone was so friendly and so welcoming. Vanessa introduced us all to the Taste Adventure range of foods and gave a brief talk on Baby Plum and then was there to answer any questions we had on weaning. We was then told that the lovely canapes that i had previously mentioned were actually made from the baby food range, why did not guess this! They tasted so good and not at all like baby food they really did set the taste buds going. Baby Plum were making a good point and that was why would we as parents want to feed our little ones with food that we wouldn’t like the taste of. What’s good for baby is good for the whole family and there right, when i first gave Oliver baby rice he spat it all over me, at first i thought that it was just him getting used to having to use his tongue and mouth in a different way than what he does with his bottle but my second and third attempt didn’t go well either. I then tasted the rice and it had a horrid taste to it, I started then to give him wholegrain porridge with mashed up banana or pear and he loved it, I know don’t ever give him food that i won’t eat, I always try his food first and to be honest Oliver eats mostly what we eat as a family. I do like to keep pouches of baby food in the kitchen cupboard for those days when he can not eat our foods.

Oliver was given a Chickpea and Tagine pot to taste and he loved it, he was a bit tired and didn’t eat it all but I put that down to him just wanting attention from everyone in the room plus he did fill himself up with the biscuits earlier on. The pots of food are really tasty and I can say this because i tasted them all, they are definitely food that i would feed up to my baby and I am very impressed them. The texture of the food is just right for my 10 month old and i love that you can actually taste the ingredients in it.

What Plum say about Taste Adventure

Plum’s chefs are calling on experiences from their travels to give babies the chance to taste authentic, international flavours so often enjoyed by their parents. The textures and spices in each carefully created recipe ensure a new taste adventure, all wrapped up in one reassuringly healthy pot, there’s no better way to ensure your child grows up to enjoy a varied, balanced diet.

Plum’s Taste Adventures stage three range (10 + months) consists of four mouth-watering recipes, ready to eat from the pot. Convenient for mum and exciting for baby, the range comprises of:

  • Sweet cape curry with beef

Based on the traditional dish bobotie from South Africa, this flavoursome curry boasts red meat as a source of iron with a combination of mango and raisins to provide sweet flavours and subtle spices to excite baby’s palette. (Baby needs iron to build bones, brain cells, cartilage and other connective tissues and since you baby has used up all of the reserve Iron he was born with by 6 months they need lots of it now)

Chickpea and chicken tagine

A Moroccan recipe which is already one of Plum’s bestselling stage three recipes completes the Taste Adventures range. Organic chicken and vegetables are combined with protein and calcium rich chickpeas and garlic and cumin for a flavour straight from the souk.

Mediterranean paella and salmon

A taste of Spanish sunshine packed with salmon for fish oils and omega 3 to aid baby’s brain development.

Aubergine and lamb moussaka

A Greek favourite which can now be enjoyed by even the youngest members of the family. The organic lamb is farmed from top quality sources; ensuring baby only gets the best.

All of the recipes boast a chunkier texture to encourage speech development as well as helping babies to chew. They all come in a pot which is an ideal size for the baby to start to feed themselves.

Oliver really enjoyed his Plum Baby Taste Adventure, he loves to try new foods and I must agree with Oliver that they really are yummy.

Plum’s Taste Adventures stage three range is available from Ocado and Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco and Boots.

Plums aim is simple – to provide parents with a convenient but guilt free alternative to home cooked food. To find out more about Plum Baby visit their website on

So go on why not give your baby a Plum start.

Oliver and I was invited along to this event and was given a goody bag of food to take home for him to try. I have received no payment for my review and I have been as honest as i can. You only have to look at my boys face to see how much he enjoyed it.

Keep your eyes peeled competition to come 🙂


3 thoughts on “Plum Baby Taste Adventure Stage 3

  1. I gave CK Plum baby pouches when we were back in the UK and weaning. He loved them. Those and Ella’s Kitchen were firm faves. The pouches and pots are so convenient for when you’re out and about. Looks like you had a fun day.

    1. We did have a lovely day, Oliver loved all the attention and got to do his favourite thing which is eating and I met some lovely people and was so nice to put faces to blog names. The people at baby plum were very friendly and I really enjoyed talking to them oh and the restaurant was amazing x

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