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Oliver and I recently was invited along to a weaning event with Plum Baby where they told us all about there new little baby Taste Adventure, baby meals suiteable for babies from 10 months old. Each pot contains food with a more lumpy texture that gives babies a perfect opportunity to put their new chewing skills to the test!

Read more about my day out here. What’s great about these pots are they are just the right size for baby’s to hold and feed themselves, they say they are for 10 month + meaning your 2 year old can eat it or even your 3 year old could give it a go with a jacket potato. They do not taste like baby food and are flavoursome and packed with goodness.

I have been given four pots to giveaway, They are:

  • Sweet cape curry with beef

Based on the traditional dish bobotie from South Africa, this flavoursome curry boasts red meat as a source of iron with a combination of mango and raisins to provide sweet flavours and subtle spices to excite baby’s palette. (Baby needs iron to build bones, brain cells, cartilage and other connective tissues and since you baby has used up all of the reserve Iron he was born with by 6 months they need lots of it now)

Chickpea and chicken tagine

A Moroccan recipe which is already one of Plum’s bestselling stage three recipes completes the Taste Adventures range. Organic chicken and vegetables are combined with protein and calcium rich chickpeas and garlic and cumin for a flavour straight from the souk.

Mediterranean paella and salmon

A taste of Spanish sunshine packed with salmon for fish oils and omega 3 to aid baby’s brain development.

Aubergine and lamb moussaka

A Greek favourite which can now be enjoyed by even the youngest members of the family. The organic lamb is farmed from top quality sources; ensuring baby only gets the best.

I also have a children’s Book called ‘Aroundthe World in Eighty Days’, Plum baby’s Inspiration for the Taste Adventure, my boys love this book, aswell as a box of tommee tippee feeding spoons perfect for babies from 9 months as they are shaped for little hands.

To be in with a chance of winning these fabulous prizes for your little ones please do the following

1. Leave a comment why you would like to win with a tip on the best way to wean your baby.

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Competition will close at midnight on 4th June, winner will be notified by email the following day, please note my decision is final. Unfortunately do to postage cost i can only post out to people living in the UK.

Thank you for reading and good luck! xx

2-Emma in Bromley
3-Danielle K
4-Olivia Kirby
5-Louise Higgs

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The winner is Danielle K
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered 🙂

I have redrawn the prize today due to some problems earlier so I have a new winner

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The new winner is Olivia Kirby, congratulations 🙂


15 thoughts on “Plum Baby Taste Adventure Giveaway

  1. I was told “up until one, food is for fun” & keep it in my head when weaning. It’s so hard to feel disheartened, especially as a new mum, when ‘expert’ books are telling you what your child should be eating by certain stages. But, having experience one very fussy eater first time around, it really is so important that you relax & go with what works best for you both. I’ve just started weaning my 3rd child…so, I’ll try to take my own advice now! 😉

    1. I agree with relaxing, although it can be very stressful when your baby closes their mouth for no more food or spits it out. I think each baby is different so weaning can’t be the same for all of them. 🙂

  2. Hello!
    Weaning is best done when baby isn’t starving, as all they’ll want is milk. Take your time, expect a lot of mess and a lot of first refusals! Try and make it fun, tasty and colourful!
    I follow on Twitter as @olivia280177, i like on facebook and i have tweeted too.

  3. We’re just starting with foods and will be weaning soon, so I don’t have any advice yet but would love to read some advice on it 🙂

  4. Would love to win – currently weaning my 11 month old baby girl! My weaning tip – don’t hold back on flavour! My little ones love strong tastes and flavours! Baby food doesn’t have to be bland and mushy!
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

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