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This week was the first time me and baby Oliver had attended a parent and toddler group. When I had Joseph who is now 4 years old i started to attend the local Play and Chat group which was held at the nearest Sure Start Children’s centre. Joseph was only 4 weeks old when i started going and i took him there until he was 2 and a half years old. He loved going and enjoyed playing with all the other children and toys that they had there. He was very sad to leave but he was starting big boy school and most of the children that he went wioth was going to be in his class at nursery anyway.

Well when i had Oliver last summer the centre said they wasn’t going to run the group anymore, i was so upset as i was looking forward to going back there with my new baby and show him off make new mummy friends. I began to look about to find a new group to attend but my heart just wasn’t in it, last week i thought i would go back to the centre and just enquire about any groups that i could attend with Oliver and to my surprise they told me that Play and Chat was running again, Back by popular demand. I couldn’t believe it and i couldnt wait until tuesday so i could attend with him.

Tuesday came and we got ready to walk round to the centre, its only about 5 minutes walk away so not far at all. The session starts at 10 and goes on until 12. We went into the big hall where all the toys were set out on the floor. I made my way over to baby area, where there were mats on the floor and baby toys to play with. I took our coats off and sat Oliver on to the floor, he wasn’t sure at first and got a bit tearful it seemed to be all abit too much for him with lots of children toddling around and new faces to look at. He was a bit clingy at first but soon settled down and began to crawl off to go and explore this new room. He went through tunnels and followed children on there trikes, he chewed toys and found a crayon to munch on too, oh dear! There was so much for him to do he wasn’t sure where to go next.

After an hour of playing with other children and talking to other mum’s it was circle time and the singing began. Oliver loves singing so this was his favourite activity, we joined in with the actions of ‘the wheels on the bus’ and he giggled loads. Next it was time to sit down at the tables and for the children to have a light lunch of fruit and toast. This was Oliver’s first time of trying toast so i wasn’t sure how he would like it but i shouldn’t have worried as he scoffed it down and even cried for more. He did make a lot of mess as he squashed in between his fingers and dropped lots on the floor – yukky! Us mum’s got to have a tea or coffee and there was even yummy biscuits for us to eat (anywhere that offers biscuits and coffee is a definate winner for me, maybe that’s why i liked coming here before lol )

These play groups are a great way of meeting new mum’s/dad’s , there is always somewhere ther who can offer you advice on bringing up babies or someone just to have a good old chinwag with, the children get to meet new friends and helps them to interact with others, it teaches to play nicely and sharing.

After being there for an hour and a half he was starting to get tired so we got our coats back on and said our goodbyes to our new friends, I even offered my help to them there. I used to love doing there craft sessions in the last Play and Chat so hopefully they take me up on my offer *fingers crossed*

Oliver and myself had a really good time and will definately be going back.


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