Planning a Children’s Lego Party

Planning a themed party is never easy and can be quite time consuming especially if you have children and other commitments, we all want our children to have the best day ever at their party but finding time to prepare for it is hard. Preparation and research is the key!

My son just turned 7 and for his party he asked for it to be lego themed, ‘ok darling’ I said smiling, trying to hide the fact that I had no idea what to do for it. I sat down at the laptop and googled lego party and was surprised to see that their were plenty of websites full of information and fun ideas to make a lego theme party run smoothly, Pinterest is brilliant for looking into quirky fun party ideas. I’m not the best of party planners and I don’t have much spare time on my hands, So i was looking for stuff that was quick and simple but effective.

  • The first thing I did was design a lego party invite for my son to give out to his friends, I used Microsoft word and found an image of lego bricks to use as the background, i then inserted some text boxes changing the colour infill and size of text. I tried to keep it nice and bright



I added the party information into the boxes, like his age, name, date and time of the party and the address.

  • Next was to organise a lego themed cake, Lucky for Joseph his Auntie is a very talented cake maker and Nanny asked her to make one for him. She made him a cake that  looked like Emmet from The Lego Movie, not only did he look impressive he tasted fabulous.



  • The eldest made some chocolate fudge brownies and added mini marshmallows to them to look like lego bricks



  • I bought some wafer cake toppers from a seller on EBay, which were personalised with wording of my choice, we added them to some home made fairy cakes



  • We made up some small lego brick pizzas, using the square kingsmill thins, speading tomato puree over them and then using soft cheese to add the little brick details to them. I placed them under the grill for a few minutes and cut them in half. They went down really well as little treats.



  • The eldest added some detail to some Rich Tea biscuits, round and finger types, using icing pens. He used the round biscuits to make some lego faces with and the fingers made perfect bricks. He also wrote the word LEGO on them and out a 7 for Joseph’s age.



  • I also done a plate full of fresh fruit, grapes, strawberries and water melon
  • Bowls of rainbow drops and starbursts
  • I made up some lego bricks cover for the orange and apple juice cartons, made from paper I made them to fit by wrapping them round the cartons and gluing it together



Coloured lemonade in glass bottles


  • We had games such as guessing how many lego bricks were in the jar, the children guessed a number and the winner that was closest won a prize.


  • Hunt the lego pieces, we hid some lego pieces in and around the garden and the children went out and hunted them out, each child that brought a lego brick back got a lollipop. I let the children play with lego on the floor out of a huge box and the children got the chance to build their own masterpieces.We also played a game that involved having 2 straws, 2 bowls of lego pieces, 2 cups and 2 willing people to compete against each other. the aim of the game is to suck up a lego brick using the straw and remove it from the bowl to the cup, the first person to empty the bowl is the winner



We played the lego themed music in the background ‘Everything is awesome’ and so it was!

The children was sent home with a lego brick goody bag

Not only did we have a Lego theme party but we also had a Pool party, the children had lots of fun and was kept very busy for the few hours that they were round our house, when all the snacks had gone we served up burgers and sausages from the BBQ.

Hope this post has helped or inspired others to have a Lego themed birthday party 🙂




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