Personalised Chocolate Valentine Messages

If you want to say something, say it with chocolate


These Chocolate Valentine messages are the perfect gift to give to your love one on that special day, they are quick and easy and will not break the bank. You can add your own personal touch to the gift, maybe you have a pet name for your partner or maybe you want to ask them that special question (you know the one that every girl dreams of) whatever you want to say you can do it with these little messages.

All you will need is:

  • A bar of your preferred chocolate
  • Grease proof paper
  • Cocktail sticks or for those bigger messages some skewers
  • A piping bag
  • Edible glitter or any cake decoration

First melt the chocolate, I used my chocolate fondue machine but a glass bowl over a hot pan off water will do just as well

While your waiting for your chocolate to melt place a piece of grease proof paper out on the side and place some sticks out sparingly

Empty your melted chocolate into the piping bag (remember to choose a nozzle with a small hole)

Pipe any word that you want onto the paper making sure that the chocolate lands on top of the stick, use fancy joined up writing

Decorate with edible glitter or any cake decoration that you prefer


Leave to dry

Once set carefully peel the words away, I found that the thicker the words the easier to peel away and the more chance of the words staying together



They can now be placed into plastic bags and given to your loved one or used as cake toppers

This message isn’t for a loved one but for a very special team of bloggers


If you make some let me know how you got on and what word you will be writing on February 14th


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