Percy the Finger Puppet

Today Joseph and I made a Percy Finger Puppet.

I got the idea from the Thomas and friends make and do book.


-Coloured pieces of felt, colours depending on what character you will be doing
-Glue, strong enough to stick felt together
-Googly eyes
-Pen or pencil



1/ draw the outline of the train, making sure that your child’s fingers will fit into it. I used Josephs fingers as a guideline for the size


2/ cut it out

3/ using it as a stencil cut out the shapes you will need on the felt, remember you will need two of the body!


4/ stick them altogether, I used strong glue for this so they wouldn’t fall apart, don’t forget leave a space for the fingers!
Or if you want and have the time you could stitch the felts together and to be honest this would make the puppets stronger resulting in them lasting longer.

Here is our finished finger puppet.


Time it took: 15 minutes.

Keep the stencil as you can use it again and again.

Once you have a few you could put on shows and act out stories.

Great for the imagination!


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