Pennies in my purse

After picking up my son from school today we took a walk to the chemist to pick up a few essentials that we needed.
Joseph being Joseph was full of inquisitive questions as we walked along

“why is the sky grey”

“why does the wind blow my hood off of my head”

“mum, can you stop walking so fast because my little legs won’t keep up”


Typical questions from a toddler, I forget the innocence of young children and that every second of their young lives they are learning new things.

When we get to the shop, he asks for a lollipop and as I feel sorry for the poor little pup because he has a frozen little nose and shivering from walking in the cold icy wind, I say yes.
He chooses one and begins to unwrap the lolly, I tell him that he can’t be opening the sweet without paying for it, he looks at me, frowning and bemused and says “Are they not free?”
I tell him to ask the lady behind the counter how much it is
“How many pennies, does my mummy need to buy this for me”
He looks at me with that look on his face, you know the look, the one that makes you feel so much like a baddie for not giving in to them.
I open my purse *a few moths fly out*
and start to count out some pennies from inside
Joseph looks at me and SHOUTS
“Don’t spend them all mum, you may need to spend a penny tomorrow”

Yes Joseph, I most probably will!


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