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After two weeks of eating, drinking, watching TV and generally being pretty lazy, we put our warm clothes on and went to our local park for a spot of climbing, playing and lots of fun!

Outdoor fun is always best for the boys, they get to let off some steam by running around and shouting to their hearts content. They do go out into our garden and bounce away for hours on the trampoline but sometimes they need they little bit more! Our local park has an outdoor gym where you can get a little work out in the outdoors, a lake where you can do some water sports on, a baby park, nature walk and a zip wire park which has a climbing frame and lots of big boulders to climb on and jump off!

Joseph loves to climb over the boulders pretending that a shark is going to get him if he touches the floor but his favourite park apparatus is the climbing frame made from rope. He climbs to the top, hangs upside down and swings around like the little monkey that he is!


Oliver likes to play in the baby park where he likes going down the slide and shouting “wheeeeee!” As he comes down. He goes up the stairs and down the slide over and over again lol. I tried to take his attention away from it and show him other things to play on but he just kept running back to the slide.

I took along his scuttlebug that he got from Santa so he could have a ride on it for the first time outside as we don’t have much space indoors, he sat on it and went backwards really fast lol he finds it easier to push himself back rather than walk himself forward on it and he really does go at speed knocking over anyone that gets in his way.


We spent a good hour in the park, the boys could’ve been there longer if it wasn’t for the fact that the wind was picking up and it was becoming quite cold. I love to see the boys little red cheeks from being outside in the fresh air and you know they have had fun as they don’t want to leave. Once back indoors we sat down to a nice warm drink to warm ourselves back up!

What’s your favourite apparatus in the park?
Mine used to be the roundabout but these days I get sick after the first spin so it has to be the swing where I can swing away slowly enjoying watching the boys and I feel like a young girl again 🙂

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. Looks like an hour in the park that did you all good. My kids would be just like Joseph climbing right to the top of the climbing frame, then wobbling round to make me nervous! Like you I can’t do the roundabout these days, I think we loose some of our balance with age. Thank you for linking all your lovely photos to Country Kids

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