Olivers 16 Month Development

I haven’t done a development post for months now, i do believe my last one was when Oliver was 10 months old *shocking! hangs head in shame*. Oliver has learnt so much since then and is doing really well.


Weight: 8.9kg, 19lb 9oz

Height: 72cm

Oliver loves his sleep and has slept through the night since he was 4 months old, unlike his older brothers who didn’t sleep at all, he goes to bed at 9.30pm and wakes at 7.00am. He does sometimes stir in the night especially when he is ill but a little cuddle to reassure him that Mummy is still around can soon soothe him back to sleep. He has a 45 minute nap in the morning at about 9.30 whilst he drinks his morning bottle of milk and then he has about an hour in the afternoon around about 3 o’clock. Sometimes depending on what sort of day he is having he can a few naps especially when he tires himself out by running around the park.

He likes to place his nappy in the bin but that now has extended to just about anything he gets his hands onto. Our bin is a Brabantia 30l push down lid one which he has just learnt how to open the lid up so now it is fun to put everything in it and he even closes the bin lid too. Today i found a puzzle box, 2 moshi monsters, a packet of crafts and a tuperware lid in there.

He likes to interact with other children and shows interest in what other children are doing especially is older brothers when they are playing with Lego or Moshi Monsters. Oliver really enjoys soft play areas as he likes to throw himself around and he knows that he can do little damage to himself there, he loves to run through tunnels and go down slides. He takes delight in running around and can sometimes just run from one end of the room to the other and find this hilarious whilst he is doing it.

He doesn’t like the word ‘No’ but what child does! lol His bottom lip comes out when he is told off and then the crying comes.

He doesn’t really play with toys as such but what he does do is place items into boxes and transfers them from one place to another area. He likes to pick up moshi monsters collectibles and put them into a tin and then he empties them out and does it again. He lines his cars up and likes to push his trolley around the house with his goods that he has collected along the way.

His favourite Song is ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ to which he does all the actions to even down to making the triangle perfectly with his little fingers. We have been singing quite a few nursery rhymes and he loves the ones with actions that he can follow along with.

He knows when he has had enough food as he nods his head from side to side and says No. He nods his head in agreement when he notices something he wants and says ‘me me’.

He gets excited when he recognises someone he knows and gives them a great big smile.

Oliver  enjoys carrying out small tasks and claps himself once he has done. He understands simple sentences like ‘throw the ball’ and knows how to react when i say ‘Where is your ball’ as he goes searching for it.

He loves to read books and can turn the pages, looking at the words and pointing to the pictures. He likes the story the Gruffalo and Giraffes can’t Dance.

Oliver now feeds himself pretty much every feed time, when he is hungry he points to his lunch box which he takes to his childminder and when he wants a drink he goes and stands in front of the sink and cries. He is just starting to drink from a normal cup and doesn’t really spill any of it, although i don’t really fill it up that much just in case lol. He puts his arms up into the air when I am undressing him and taking his tops off and can easily take his own trousers off. Oliver is also beginning to take off his nappy when he has done a wee. I have attempted a few times to place him onto a potty and he has done his business in it a couple of times, at first he cried when i put him on but now he actually goes and sits on it himself. So i shall begin to potty train him properly soon.

He uses different types of everyday words like, apple, birdie, ball, book, bottle and mine. He is starting to out two words together e.g. my mummy, in bin, me want.

He recognises himself on the Cow and Gate advert and whenever he hears the music he runs up to the TV and laughs pointing out himself.

He enjoys playing with little people and matches parts of objects that fit together like putting the lid back on a container. He likes to move the train around the train track and makes noises while doing it.

His favourite Show on TV at the moment is NumTums on CBeebies and Alphablocks, he loves numbers and letters and gets really excited and squeals with delight when it is on.

He is beginning to start to jump with two feet and enjoys jumping on the trampoline.

His favourite food is Pasta Bake and yoghurt.

I am looking forward to teaching Oliver some more actions to some more nursery songs and i will be listening out to him using some more words and extending his vocabulary.

Hopefully next month will see his first hair cut and the beginning of potty training.

Thank you for reading my post:-)

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  1. Wow, his speech is great. N is 22 months and says absolutely tonnes of single words, but apart from ‘all gone’, I don’t think he says any other 2 word phrases yet.

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