Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

There is nothing quite like a lovely stroll along the seafront, especially after a hectic few days spent in the City of London. We don’t live too far from the seafront but don’t often get the chance to visit it, we spent the last couple of days of our half term holiday staying at Nanny’s house which is a lot nearer to the beach but still a 45 minute drive away.

Nanny wanted to surprise the boys so she didn’t tell them where we was going, they took a few guesses but was wrong until we was about 5 miles away and they started to read the road signs. We drove past all the attractions and the busy part of the sea front, as just a little further down the road is a lovely part of the beach which not many people visit, I think as it isn’t near the rides and shops that it can be a bit more peaceful.

As soon as the boys were out of the car they ran off towards to the promenade, they couldn’t wait to get down to the beach. The sun was shining and even though it is still February it was still very pleasant.


The eldest took his socks and shoes off and went running along the sand, I did try to remind him that it wasn’t summer but nothing was going to stop him from feeling the cool sand in between his toes.



The boys spent ages searching the beach for different coloured stones, Oliver and I was looking for shells but we didn’t find many, Oliver picked up a little stone and put it to his ear telling me that he was listening for the sea



I told him that it had to be a shell to be able to hear the waves, he just laughed at me and told me i was silly 🙂

We didn’t have any buckets or spades so the boys used their hands to dig and Joseph found a big stick to make marking in the sand with



I loved watching the boys play and run around so freely on the sand, enjoying themselves and laughing.





Oliver kept picking up the sand and letting it run through his fingers, not once did he ask for a spade to dig with, he was having too much fun just feeling it.

Jak tried to make sand angels, he took his top off as he didn’t want it to get all wet from the sand



After a good hour of running around and skimming stones across the waves



We went for a walk along the promenade to but some chips, Along the way we found a little park for the boys to play in

20140224-063855.jpgOliver loves the swing and shouts higher, higher all the time whilst the boys played on the see saw



The walk along the promenade was lovely, the gardens were beginning to bloom and was just so nice to be out enjoying the sun.

The day was even better as we got to spend it with Nanny



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  1. Such a wonderful day and even better when spent with family! The beach has got to one of our favourite places to while a way the time playing in the water, searching rock pools and digging in the sand. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos of your beach day with Country Kids.

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