Nothing like a fun run

The weekend just passed, we visited a local country park fair where the boys took part in a children’s 1 mile fun run.

The sun was shining and we arrived in good time so we could have a little look around. There was lots to see and do like; donkey riding, stalls to visit, food to try, farm animals to look at, watch llamas race each other, a climbing wall to try, and much more. But the reason why we was there was for the children’s fun run. It was taking part after the adults 5k race had finished, so we stood around and waited. The boys had fun jumping from the log wall onto the bails of hay and they posed for a few photos too

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it wasn’t long until the children were called to the start line



The children all lined up, As the horn went off the children set off fast. Poor little Joseph fell flat on his face into the dry grass, after only taking a few steps. He didn’t moan though, he just got up, wiped his face and off he went to catch up with the other racers.

As they passed round the corner and go off into the distance I made my way to the finish line, on the other end of the country fair. I stood there and it wasn’t not long before I saw my eldest boy come from beyond the trees and round the corner to the finish line. He finished first with a time of 5:51, he was very happy with it.

Jak coming over the finish line
Jak coming over the finish line

As I cheered on the young girl that came in second, I must admit I was shocked to see my Joseph heading towards the finish line. Not because he isn’t very good at running but because he had the fall at the start.

Run Joseph!
Run Joseph!

I was so proud of my boys, so far 2 out of 3 had finished the race coming in first and third! Joseph ran the fun run in 7:44, very impressive!

As I was congratulating the two eldest boys in their running and giving them a quick refreshment, I heard daddy cheering on our little one. A lady that we know had agreed to run along with him as I had stupidly put on sandals and Daddy was needed to pace the children through the park. I couldn’t believe it, my little three year old was running like a pro! As they neared the finish line, the lady held his hand and they crossed together.



My little superstar and finished the run in 10:03. Daddy and I were so proud of him and his brothers for trying so hard, especially as it was so hot.

Little Oliver must have been shocked himself as he couldn’t even talk, bless him!

All of the children that took part in the fun run received a little medal


Oliver couldn’t stop looking at it, he was really proud of receiving it and kept saying “I can’t believe I’ve got my own medal!”

We walked back to the car, past a few of the stalls and stopped by the Llamas


Joseph particularly enjoyed reading about the animals as he is currently doing a school project on the country Chile, he couldn’t wait to go home and add the information that he had found out into his project.

It was a lovely morning.

One very happy and proud mummy signing off!

Have your children recently run in a children’s race?


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