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Next are proud to announce that they are selling the Must Have Item for 2012 Olympic Games, a Stylish Scarf. Designed as a tribute to Team GB, the detail and preparation that has been applied to the scarf represents the detail and preparation that every athlete puts into their training throughout their lifetime. the scarf reflects the 900 hundred athletes that are participating in the Games.

So what is behind the design of the scarf:

60 Hands signify one for each million supporters

900 hearts, figures and stars for the athletes we love

Every scarf has XXX proudly shown on it as Great Britain is the only country ever to hold the Olympic games three times

All four countries that make up our nation are embodied within the design, a British Rose, Welsh Daffodil, Irish Flax Bush and a Scottish Thistle.

Telephone Boxes, Minis, London Taxis and London Buses are al incorporated in to the design to help create a sense of location

14 Paralympic Lion heads sit humbly among the design to state that the 14th paralympic Games

All 26 Olympic sports taking place in Great Britain  are represented in the scarf, whether it be Figures running, cycling and rowing or boats and an archery board, you will see them all

The scarf is a must have item as a fashion accessory, a great piece of artwork and its something to proud of and that we can all wear. It’s a piece of history that we can all keep. Wear it as a neckpiece, top or head scarf, How will you wear yours?

The scarfs have been designed by Next (All profits from the sale of the scarves will be donated to the British Olympic Association – helping British Olympic and Paralympic athletes deliver their best performance at London 2012 and beyond)

The scarf can be bought for £10 and 90x90cm but it also comes in a smaller size of 50x50cm and this can be bought for £5 in any next store or online.

To view the official supporters scarf or to buy online click here




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