Next play cupids Assistant this valentines

Are you stuck with choosing an outfit for valentine’s day? Do you want it to be elegant, chic or sexy?

Do you find it hard choosing gifts for your partner? Are they homely or adventurous?

Do you want to buy a gift with a personal touch? That says “I gave it some thought and I know what you like”

Are you a last-minute person? Do you always say to yourself I’ll do it tomorrow?

It’s February the 13th and it just dawns on you that tomorrow is valentines day, oh No! you don’t have time to go to the shops and even when you do have the time it’s so hard to find a thoughtful gift, a gift that shows that you have really tried to get them a gift that they suits their personality

Don’t worry because Next will come to the rescue!

This year Next have launched a valentines gift and outfit App selector.
So if it’s a super hot outfit for yourself or a gift for that someone special then you want to give the app a go!
All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself or the person your buying for and Next will find the perfect solution for you, what’s even better is if you order online before 9pm you will get it the very next day, which is great if, dare I even say it, you’ve forgotten or your life is so hectic and busy that time has slipped by.
Male or Female you can’t go wrong with this gift selector, they have something for everyone.

Go on give it a go!

I did and this is what was suggested for me, it is gorgeous and so me! I love it! I can just see me wearing this on valentine’s day, sitting at the table, eating a romantic home cooked meal with my partner.





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