New Shoes

these boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…..

Oliver has never been too keen on keeping his shoes and socks on and as we have had pretty good weather over the summer he has spent most of it barefooted.
His feet are only small for his age and as he is 13 months old and very stable on his feet buying the shoes that fit him are soft soles and not particularly fitting for babies that are on the move. His shoe size is 2 which fit a 6 months old baby that’s less than half his age (although his clothes are the same too) I have found it hard to buy shoe that I could afford with a hard sole which would help him with his walking until last week when I was out shopping with the boys looking for school shoes when I saw a perfect pair in the sale for Oliver, i Couldn’t resist.
I tried one on his foot and he sat there with the biggest grin ever looking at his foot with the shoe on, twisting and turning it so he could see every angle, he was definitely pleased with them and seeing as they were only £10 I had to have them. He cried when I took them off to take them to the counter to pay for them so I knew he would like them as soon as we was out of the shop I put them on Him and unlike any other time when I have put shoes on him they stayed put for the rest of the day, he just kept lifting his feet up and looking at them and shouting ‘Mum Mum’ as if to say ‘look mum, look what ive got!’

The shoes are little converse all star ones and are black and white made from canvas with Velcro fastenings. Oliver has a little thing with Velcro and loves to rip it open on his daddy’s cycling shoes, he follows him around the house in the morning undoing his shoes, I think it may be the mouse it makes that he likes. I thought that he would do this with his own shoes but he hasn’t (fingers crossed) done it yet!
He doesn’t even like to take them off in doors he is always bringing them to me to put on his feet, he has tried putting them in himself but he only manages to get his big toe in and wonders why he falls over and they come off when he stands up lol.


I love how he puts his foot out when he knows it’s time to put his shoes on, he never use to do this all he would do before would be to scream and wriggle his toes around and scrunch them up
Making it impossible for me To put them on, I had tried trainers, sandals, soft booties, slippers and shoes and they would only ever be on his feet for 5 minutes or as soon as he was in his buggy and being pushed they would be taken off and thrown to the side leaving me to pick them up.


He is even happy to walk around just in his nappy with them on and no socks.
I am so pleased that eventually after months of being shoeless we have found the perfect pair that he his happy with and likes.
He loves to walk around all day and stamps his little feet up and down on the spot, smiling away.


How long did it take for you to find the perfect shoes for your little one and what sort of shoe are they? I would love to hear from everyone what you think of Oliver’s choice of shoes 🙂

Thank you for reading my post


7 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. I love reading your blog, so many things make me smile, wish I had time to do the same. I was worried leaving my youngest son with a child minder but my fears were unfounded, he loved the attention and my fears were unfounded. I look forward to continuing to follow you. p.s. I’ve only got two boys (7 & 8.5), not as lucky as you! Hope the job’s going well?

    1. Hello Wendy, thank you for the lovely comment. You should write a blog if you want to I thought the same but love doing it now, I write most of my posts on my phone (hence some spelling mistakes and photos not centred)
      Glad your children settled in with the childminder it’s a hard choice finding the right one for both yourself and the child and your right the children get to do fun stuff that sometimes we as parents don’t have time to do with them.
      I’m loving my new job and Oliver loves that little bit of time with the childminder 🙂

  2. We was the same! Ethan was cruzing and I had to but baby shoes for him as his feet were only a 1. My friends 8 month old had the same size feet as he did at 1years old! A month ago my sister brought him some trainers again with the soft bottom and he has been walking around in them. Now his feet have grown again and I went today to by him some hard bottom ones and had to get a 4! I have to buy Velcro coz his feet are too wide for any others. Still managed to get him a cute pair tho!
    Then converse are so cute where are they from?

  3. Harley has converse and we have many pairs lol… I love his converse all star lime green high tops. Brand new yet got them for a fiver.

  4. Harleys a converse boy. He has a total of 6 pairs in different colours and designs. I especially love his converse lime green hightops, got this from eBay brand new for £5 and the shops were selling them for £40

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