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Parents can be a little greener and their shopping bags a little leaner thanks to a new nappy delivery and recycling service which launches this month (June).

The ultimate in convenience, Nappies2Go is a unique service that offers parents an environmentally friendly way of using disposable nappies by recycling them into reusable materials from as little as 19p per day.

The service, the brainchild of young parents from the Midlands, means nappies can be collected directly from homes and transported to the UK’s only nappy recycling plant where they will be processed and recycled into new products such as roof tiles and outer packaging and tubing.

The average baby will get through 4,000 nappies before they are toilet trained, meaning some eight million nappies are used in the UK every day. Each one takes up to 500 years to decompose. The ‘nappy mountain’ in this country is the equivalent to Wembley Stadium being filled eight times every single year. This environmental challenge is one new parents wrangle with as most rely on the convenience of disposable nappies. Crucially 100% of the nappies collected by Nappies2Go will be diverted from landfill.

Users of the service can benefit from everyday low pricing on disposable Pampers nappies and wipes delivered direct to their doors. Prices for the collection and recycling service start at £6 per month. The service is primarily available in and around the Midlands, with plans to expand nationwide imminently.

The family run business Nappies2Go founder Matthew Naunton, explained: “As a new parent myself, I know many of us want to be greener but are lured by the convenience of disposable nappies. In setting up Nappies2Go we wanted to offer an everyday low price for nappies and wipes, remove the hassle of carrying home large bulky items and allow new parents to do their bit for the environment.”

Just place your nappy order online at, register for either fortnightly or monthly collection, and never worry about running out of nappies or overflowing smelly bins again!


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