16 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo #silentsunday

  1. So beautiful, I haven’t ever seen one in the UK, mostly in South Africa where we visited an Island where they lived!

    1. I used to see them in Scarborough too. Also I heard that one has been spotted in Thames near Richmond Park on two separate occasions in the last 2 weeks

  2. So cute! This is the first year in a while we haven’t been to see the babies. Last year we walked from Winterton and the year before from Horsey. Amazing to be so close but stupid people getting too close make me cross. #MySundayPhoto

    1. We went in the summer and stayed at Hermanus and saw a few in the Sea. We stood and talked to a warden and she was saying that dogs off leads were scaring the mums away from their pups causing them to die. So sad.

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