My Sunday Photo – NHS Reindeer

Been stuck in hospital for so long now, recovering from 2 major operations. 1 planned and 1 emergency. 

It gets boring seeing the same four walls, with no TV to watch and the pain to unbearable to focus on reading I decided to make a little something for the ward staff for Christmas to add to their decorations.

My sister had seen this reindeer made from cardboard bowls and catheters and shared it with me.

I got some paint and away I went.

What do you think of my NHS Reindeer? 

What’s cute is that if you pull the nose it flashes but you can’t see that in the photo



13 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – NHS Reindeer

  1. Love your arts and crafts in there. I hope you’re getting your strength back and hope you all have a very lovely Xmas xx

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