My Race for Life Day Out in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

I did the race for life on Sunday at Hyde Park in London. It was a very hot day but i managed to finish in 35 minutes. The race started at 11:00 so we left at 9.00 in the morning so we could get there in time. There was problems on the district line and we ended up running slightly late but we did  get there just in time. there was thousands of women running, some in fancy dress, most dressed in something pink, some ladies were running with their children and some baby’s were in buggies. By the time we got to the start line the race had already been going for 29 minutes. It was tough at times as it was so busy and my friend and I only had a little bit of water to share, as we was counting on the water fountain to be working but unfortunately it wasn’t. The temperature was about 26 degrees and we was definitely feeling the heat.


The boys came up to watch me run, which for them is a very rare occasion as i never run that’s daddy’s department. Once i finished my run we all went off to cool off in the Diana’s memorial Fountain, Gosh my feet needed it as they were all swollen from wearing trainers in the hot weather and my little toe swells up from where i previously broke it. It was a much-needed cool down and very refreshing on a very hot day. The children loved walking round the fountain watching the water flow under bridges, cascades, swirls and bubbles from all the different textures at the bottom.

After being refreshed we took a short walk to Kensington Gardens where Diana’s Memorial Park is. The park has a huge wooden pirate ship as the centre piece. It is a childs dream place where they can let their imaginations run wild, play together, explore and have plenty of fun. It boasts a sensory trail, tepees, a beach, play sculptures, musical area, swings, picnic area, climbing frames, a water feature, tunnel and lots more. There are plenty of trees and plants to make this park feel very idyllic and relaxing. A haven within London.


It was Oliver’s first feel of sand, he loved feeling it in his hands and just kept swirling his hands around in it. He was just plucking up the courage to crawl in it when we had to make a move to get home. It was 4 o clock and knew the boys would be getting hungry. Daddu had cycled up to London while I had caught the train, so he saw us off at the train station and said he would be waiting for us at our home station with the car. (which he was :-))

We all had a wonderful day out and i manged to raise some money for a fantastic cause. Thank you to everyone that sponsored me! xx


Oliver enjoying fun in the sand

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  1. Well done you on the run and for making it a great family day out. The fountain looks gorgeous, I remember walking round and round Kensington Park once when the kids were small looking for the fountain on a hot Summers day and never finding it! Wish we had, they would have loved it, they must have been the age of yours then!

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