My little running superstar #mysundayphoto

Yesterday My eldest ran in the Westminster Mile in London, he done really well, his running pace is getting better and better.

After leaving him with the events marshalls to walk him down to the start line along with the other children who were running in the boys under 11 and 13 London Borough Championships we made our way to the start line ourselves to see him set off.

As he was waiting on the start line Mo Farah walked over to all the boys who were waiting and Jak told him that he was a big fan of his and Mo shook his hand and said good luck to him (thank you Mo for making his day) unfortunately I didn’t capture this on camera as I had run off further down the route so i could cheer him on nearer to the finish line.

But i did capture his great big smile after he had finished wearing his medal




14 thoughts on “My little running superstar #mysundayphoto

    1. He is so determined to do his best in anything he does, he makes me proud in whatever he does ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Brilliant photo, made even more interesting by being upside down lol!
    What a super star, I couldn’t even run a mile, he looks like a pro in all his running gear.

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