My first haircut 4/366

We took a trip to our local salon today for Oliver’s first ever haircut!

His first experience went quite well I think, he didn’t sit very still making it hard for the hairdresser to snip away at his hair but it turned out ok!

I didn’t want his hair too short as he likes to use his hair as comfort by playing with it so I wanted a bit of length left to it but just wanted it to look a bit neater than it was.


I think he looks much smarter and maybe he won’t get mistaken for a girl now!


0 thoughts on “My first haircut 4/366

  1. Oh so cute!! My little man (turned 2 a fortnight ago) needs a ‘first haircut’ too, but he never sits still, I’m genuinely worried he’ll have an ear lopped off!! He has long floppy blonde hair and it is adorable but it does need a minor chop!!

    1. Good luck with the visit to the hairdressers! I sat with Oliver on my lap whilst his big brother played Numtums on my phone for him to watch, this kept him still for long enough to trim his hair, he did turn round every now and then and started to get fidgety after a few minutes so his cut isn’t as straight as I wanted it but its better than what it was 🙂

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