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I have been tagged again to do the the dirty dozen, 12 facts, 12 questions and 12 bloggers to tag, but seeing as i have already done the post i thought i would just answer the questions that was put to me by The Accidental Mogul who has become a great twitter teething buddie of mine in the past week,  blogger of three children and share her stories of career achievement and life goals.

So here goes!

1) What is your star sign?
I am the water sign Cancer. Traditional traits of cancerian are loving, imaginative, cautious, sympathetic, moody and overemotional all of which i have to agree i am.
2) Who was your first crush?
My first crush was from what i can remember a little boy in Nursery of which i called carrot top, dont ask me why and i cant for the life of me remember his real name.
3) What was the name of your first pet?
I had my first pet when i used to live in Yorkshire it was a jack russell called Champ, he was so funny he could jump really high and i used to remember losing him in the snow as he was white
4) What one word would describe you?
5) Who is your favourite spice girl?
Posh spice AKA Victoria Beckham, lover her style and her hubbie lol. Nit so sure about her singing though!
6) What do you love about yourself?
I love that i am caring person and i love that i put my boys first, if its body wise i would say it would have to be my back, something that i dont get to see lol
7) What do you wish you’d known then, that you know now?
i would have liked to know that i didnt finish my university course that way i could have spent more time studying and less time partying, Bad Me!
8) The London Olympics. Yay or Nay?
Not so sure i am in two minds on this one. I love the olympics and love that they will be on my doorstep and have enjoyed watched it go up is great but not happy that i missed out on tickets however many times i tried 🙁
9) What is your favourite girl’s name?
If my last little boy was a girl i would have called him Callie Rose. Love it !
10) What is your favourite boy’s name?
Have to say 3 and that would be Jak, Joseph and Oliver My boys lol
11) Sweet or savoury?
Sweet much to my sins, not very good for me in so many ways.
12) Who/what makes you smile?
Definitely my boys, whenever i feel down and at a low place my children always know how to put a smile on my face.
So there you go hope i haven’t bored you too much haha!

Anyone who has not particapated in this meme please consider yourself tagged and answert the above questions, just read the rules on my previous post here


6 thoughts on “My Fab Dozen

  1. Awww thanks for answering my questions. It really has been meme mad lately. Good fun though. And yes you’re right we are definitely twitter/teething buddies lol x

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