My experience at the Olympics Aquatics centre to watch the Diving

I entered a sweepstake competition on twitter last week with @AcerUK_Official for the chance to win tickets to watch the Womens Semi Final Diving at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park, I didn’t think i had a chance in winning but to my surprise about an hour later a message popped into my email account from Acer saying ‘Congratulations you have won tickets to the olympics’ I screamed with delight, I couldn’t believe it, I was going to the Olympics. The tickets were for the next day so Acer kindly sent them by courier to me and they arrived at my door with hours of the amazing news, i jumped around the living room holding my tickets shouting ‘Im going to the Olympics, I’m going to the Olympics’, The boys were dancing with me and Daddy couldn’t believe his eyes when he got in from work to see us all jumping about.

The prize was only for two tickets so i decided on taking my little Oliver as i thought he may sleep through the event giving me time to watch the diving and to take it all in. I only live a few miles away from the Olympic Park so it only took me 45 minutes to arrive there, door to door. The sun was shining and it was going to be a brilliant day, on entering the park i couldn’t help but notice how friendly everyone was, the Games Makers were singing and dancing and smiling and waving at everyone as they passed, The volunteers from the Army were helpful and everyone cooed over Oliver and his Flatcap. As it was a hot day i had clipped on his stroller fan and lots of people mentioned how he was going to be the coolest kid in there, one games maker even shouted over his gramophone that Oliver was the Trendiest baby he had seen. It was surprisingly not that busy as everyone was ushered through the turnstiles in orderly files and the park was very well set out with lots of information scattered about, I was lucky that the Aquatics centre was at the entrance that i entered at which meant i didn’t have that long of a walk to get there.

Everyone was helpful and happy and the atmosphere was electric, people were waving their flags and lots were all dressed up in their countries colours. I found my seats and i couldn’t believe my eyes i was pretty much on top of the diving boards sitting parallel to them, I had a brilliant view.

Taken before the screaming started

Unfortunately Oliver hadn’t had  a sleep that morning and was getting quite ratty, the centre was hot and humid and he just would not sit still and to top it off when the crowd screamed and cheered he thought it was funny to do it back only it was when the centre went quiet that he chose to scream and squeal, he thought he was being funny and the more i told him not to the more he done it. There was no way this over tired little boy was going to sleep, what with all the noise going on around him and lots of faces to look at and even music playing in between dives he already made his mind up that he was going to stay awake.

I watched as the athletes came out one by one and was introduced to the crowd, we cheered and clapped as every one of them stepped forward and waved

After watching the first round of impressive dives, halfway through the second round i had to succumb to defeat and take Oliver out of the centre, I thought that maybe a walk around outside may tire him out but he only wanted to run along and smile at everyone as he passed, there was no way i was going to get back in and watch the rest of the dives. I took Oliver to the buggy park and picked up his stroller and guess what he fell asleep within seconds of strapping him in. It was too late to go back in to the Aquatics centre so i went for a walk around the Olympic Park to have a look around. The Park is astonishing and so huge and so much to see with all the buildings and the pretty little walkways along the river, lots of different types of food to try and there is definitely lots of people to talk to and as i walked past the Stadium i heard the crowd erupt in applause.

What an amazing day i had even though it was not for as long as i would have liked it at least i can say ‘I Was There’ So a huge massive big thank you to Acer for making my day, it was an experience i will never forget.

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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