My Dreams of A Perfect Summer

We all have our hopes and dreams, sometimes we manage to reach them, sometimes they come true and sometimes we just don’t really care whether we aspire to them as we are too busy enjoying our day to day normal lives.

When i was younger, before i was a mummy to three gorgeous boys, I must admit that having children never was something that i wanted, I enjoyed being carefree, I wanted to travel, see the world and become an aspiring young fashion designer. I went to college and University and lived the life that most young, single carefree people do, I went out clubbing, I made friends from all over England, I lived away from my parents and learnt how to fend for myself up in Leicester. I used to dream of spending my summer days in some exotic country, relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in one hand and a good read in the other. I would dream of spending the mornings off out visiting the local villages and exploring new places, then my evenings would consist of venturing out to the local bar, tasting the local cuisine and watching the sunset over the calm ocean. Then when my perfect holiday getaway was over i would return to my dream job of a fashion stylist and my cute little cottage in the suburbs of London. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it. Well, my dream never came true but instead i was given something much more worthwhile, something to be proud of, something that i thought i would never be!, I was given motherhood.

My dreams now as mummy to three gorgeous boys is that they spend every day within a happy surrounding, that they feel the love from me just like what i felt from my mum and that they enjoy their days with lots of fun things to do. My summer dream now becomes a family summer dream, there are many things that i wish for this summer, here are a few:

I hope that our holiday in Cornwall will be a fun one, with lots of exciting things to do. I would like to see my boys in their wetsuits, surfing the waves and enjoying the sea, I would like to see Jak up on stage in the holiday camp doing what he loves best and that is singing. I am looking forward to visiting many villages and towns and exploring the local surrounding areas. I dream that maybe this year will be the year that my boys see me venture into the sea and overcome my fears of being in the ocean. I am looking forward to visit local restaurants and eating all the lovely tasty seafood, going out for long bike rides in the country side and stopping off at a cute little pub for a relaxing refreshment.

I know my next dream is one that my eldest dreams all year long of and that is that he gets presented with ‘The Child of the Year’ certificate in school. This is given to one child per class for their efforts they have put into their class work throughout the year. I know Jak has tried really hard this year for it and it is something he has spoken about for the past couple of months. I dream of opening both my boys school reports and hoping that they will be bringing tears to my eyes reading how well they are getting on in school.

I dream of my baby walking around on the grass in the garden and joining in with his big brothers while they are playing in the park. He is nearly there as he has already taken four steps.

Jak will be participating in his end of year show with the theatre group that he attends. He will be up on stage with the rest of his group presenting a two hour show. I dream that it all goes well for him, I know i will cry because that is what i do every year. Seeing him up on a huge stage, my little boy, my baby, acting, singing and dancing his little heart out, putting every bit of effort he has in to it, i will be beaming with pride the whole time.

I dream of fun days out to our favourite city, London, where we all will enjoy walking the streets and seeing the sites.

My last dream is for all of us to enjoy each other, to get along with no arguments and that we will all be healthy and strong, that our days will be carefree and our nights long fun ones.

What are your dreams for this summer?

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2 thoughts on “My Dreams of A Perfect Summer

  1. This is such a beautiful post lovely, motherhood changes us and our outlook on life but it’s definitely for the better and there’s nothing else i’d rather be doing. Here’s hoping you and the three gorgeous boys have a fantastic summer 🙂 xxx

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