My dirty dozen, 12 facts, 12 questions 12 answers 12 taggers

I have been tagged quite a four times to do this meme so i am going to combine the questions that have been set for me by answering the first three from each lovely tagger ( hope this doesnt upset anyone) and then pass on 12 new questions to 12 new bloggers.


1/ Post the rules (done)

2/ Post 12 fun facts about yourself ( very hard to do)

3/ Answer the questions set for you by your tagger in your post then create 12 new questions for fellow bloggers you plan to tag

4/ Tag 12 people and link them to your blog

Ok So here is my 12 maybe not so fun facts about myself

1. I once got so drunk with my friend that i had to crawl along the street because i couldn’t stand up.

2. I enjoy making Dummy/Rattle clips

3. I have three very funtastic boys that make laugh every day

4. I can croak and talk at the same time, but it does give me a sore throught

5. I used to work as a bar supervisor in the holiday camp Haven Blue Dolphin in Scarborough. Had lots of fun there.

6. I passed my driving test on the first go at the age of 31

7. I write lists every evening of things i have to do the following day

8. I like peanut butter, jam and banana sandwiches

9. I’ve climbed mount Snowdon twice

10. I have participated in music video, not a famous one mind, its was my friends hen night and we made a music video Thats me at the beginning doing a cartwheel

11. From doing the above i realised i can actually still do a cartwheel

12. I had a home birth with my last baby

Phew! Done that was pretty hard

Right here goes, these following questions were set by :

Scattymumofboys/life, love and living with boys who blogs about breastfeeding and babies

CrumbyMummy blogs about motherhood but is also writing her own children’s book

Whispersinthenightsky lovely lady who blogs about her life with her grandaughter

AboywithAspergers winner of MAD blog awards and gives advise on SEN matters.

  1. Do you use real names in your blog for the real-life people who feature? E.g. I use Spud, Pooh Bear and Scatty Dad for my boys.

Yes most of the time i do use my boys names and sometimes i do just say the boys.

  1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start your blog?

I started in December last year because i just wanted to do something for myself and i enjoy meeting new people.

  1. Real friends or Cyber Friends?

I have some lovely friends from both but if it is a heart to heart then obviously my real friends although some of my cyber friends are really helpfull and are always their too offer some advice and support. Hopefully my cyber friends will become real friends too.

  1. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing that you would buy?

OOh a hard one, often discuss this with the other half although very hard as we dont do the lottery lol. But it would have to be a holiday to Australia, but the most sensible thing would to pay off the mortgages.

  1. Blackberry or iPhone?

I have an I Phone so i would have to say that. I do everything on it, Blog, Ebay, Photos, music, Twitter and games.

  1. What’s your favourite film?

I love Mamma Mia, makes me smile every time i watch it and i love the songs always makes me want to get up and dance around the room. Whilst i was pregnant my baby would always kick to the songs lol

  1. Did you have any hobbies as a child?

Not really hobbies but i diod do alot og different things like majorettes, ballroom dancing, running, young olympics club and drawing.

  1. What is your favourite beauty treatment?

I’m not very good at looking after myself, ive never had my nails done and dont visit the salon as much as i should do so this is hard to answer, i guess it would have to be a massage. My other half always gives me a back massage, i suffered really bad with my back while pregnant, it has become very weak so he does like to treat me to a good shoulder rub.

  1. Are you a jeans or leggings person?

I once used to own 30 pairs of jeans but am not that bad now. I must admit i do love leggings, they just go with anything. I have combined the both and bought jeggings.

10.How old was you when you gave birth to your first child & was this planned?.

I was 24 years old, I still think that maybe that was too young and should’ve waited, but wouldn’t change a thing now.

11.How did you feel both physically and mentally following the birth of your child, for example, how long before you felt yourself again, fitted in your old clothes, returned to work etc.?

I lost ally weight pretty much straight away but I think that was due to lack of sleep and depression. I didnt feel myself though until well after 6 months.

  1. Did you experience the “Baby Blues” or suffer postnatal depression? If yes, are you over this, slowly getting better, or maybe things are still quite hard?

I’ve never been prescribed as postnatal but have suffered from depression. I would find myself crying alot, not feeling good about myself and hating who I was.

PHEW! Done

Now for my questions

  1. Where was your first holiday?
  2. What is the earliest memory of your childhood you can remember?
  3. What do you like best about being a parent?
  4. At what age did you stop studying? And what was it you studied?
  5. What has been your proudest moment so far in your life?
  6. Describe your blog in 3 words?
  7. Do you have any phobias and if so, what are they?
  8. What does your family think if your blog?

  9. What is your favourite recipe?

  10. Home cooking or restaurant?

  11. What age was you when you passed your test and how many tries did it take?

  12. Where is your favourite place to be and why?

That’s it all done!

Now to tag 12 new bloggers in the hope that they haven’t already been tagged (which is unlikely) but here goes


A Real Mummy Diary




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