My Child’s Modelling experience with Burberry

Just under a year ago an email landed in my inbox from my son’s modelling agency with regards to a high end fashion brand requesting up to date pictures of my boy. They were seeking pictures without him smiling. We took some photos and didn’t think anything of it. Two days later I received an email back from the agency stating that the client would like to book my son for a campaign that they were doing in January 2019. They wanted to meet with him before they were going to confirm a booking. The meeting didn’t go ahead as planned so they requested more pictures instead, which we sent over.

In December the client confirmed my Son for the modelling job. We put in for his licence just before the Christmas holidays as the job was at the end of January

It was all very exciting as he had never done modelling before. He had been featured on a few adverts, so had experience with acting but had never done a stills shoot.

Over the Christmas holidays he lost his first tooth, we was really worried that he would be dropped from the shoot because of it. We contacted the agency and was asked to send over pictures of his gappy smile. We needn’t have worried so much about it as they went ahead with the booking.

With the School letter signed and authorised for a day off we soon had a licence and was all booked in for the shoot. Nan was going to take him to it as both myself and dad had to work. My son was very excited and really looking forward to the shoot.

He spent the day the day in a country stately home with lots of other children of different ages being photographed in their clothes.

Photos from the first SS19 campaign

Since that booking he has had a further 6 jobs with Burberry; one more campaign shoot and the rest ecomm (which are photos for the website).

2019 was a successful year for my son with his modelling, especially with Burberry. He has had lots of fun on set but also struck up relationships with the team. Every shoot he has had with them he has been welcomed and treated like a professional.

As modelling involves being around lots of people, it has helped my son gain confidence in himself, he now understands and has developed a positive work ethic. He has never been made to feel rejected by anyone or felt pressurised to do something that he is not comfortable doing. Over the year I have witnessed my son grow from a young shy boy who would hide behind my legs to being a confident boy who is happy to socialise with young and old without me being by his side.

I always love to watch him whilst he is on set to see how much he changes for others, he listens to direction well and always does as he is told. Yes, he has his moments just like any child does, he can mess around and get a little silly at times but once its out of his system he gets right back into the job in hand. He has a laugh with the team and they always tease him about pinching his sweets. I am quite amazed at how they manage to get him to stand still, I may have to ask for some tips next time he does some modelling.

I am looking forward to seeing what this year may bring to him. He may not get another booking and if he doesn’t that is fine but here’s hoping that this may just be the beginning of a new adventure for him.

Photographs have been taken from the Burberry Website and Pinterest Site


6 thoughts on “My Child’s Modelling experience with Burberry

  1. He is beautiful! How do I get in contact with them for my baby to be picked for a shoot? What agency should I sign my baby with?

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment.
      There are many reputable modelling agencies out there that represent children in modelling and acting. You could try applying to a few of them and see how you get on. Try Bruce and Brown, Bonnie and Betty, Ray and Robin, SouthcoastKidz, Grace and Galor, T4kidz, USI and Kids London

  2. Love your blog!
    You wrote that your kid are registered to Modeling Agency. I would really appreciate if you can share the name.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. He was registered with Scallywags but is now represented by Ray and Robin

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with your boy working with Burberry. Your boy has a striking look and it shows such a force. I am sure many have asked you this question and I was wondering if you would share with me which modeling agency you used? My daughter is 4. Nearly 5. She has the similar look as your boy. Firey and independent. We have been approached by some agencies however we want to be sure that our child’s well-being is paramount when she has some part time engagement with photo shoots. I can’t imagine wasting time with some agencies who exploits the children and families. And if you feel uncomfortable sharing that’s ok.

    How is your boy now? Is he still modeling ?

    Sending you best wishes.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment.
      My son was registered with Scallywags when he secured the modelling job with Burberry and Versace. He is now with Ray and Robin.

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