My Buggy Buddy Lock Giveaway

Do you ever leave your buggy outside and worry about it’s safety?

Well there is a solution and that’s called the Buggy Buddy Lock, you can lock your bags, your buggy, even your bike to a railing/gate giving you the extra piece of mind that your belongings are that little bit safer.


I bought myself one of these locks when my Oliver was a newborn as i had to leave the buggy outside the health centers when i visited his health visitor for his weekly checks, I didn’t like the idea of leaving my expensive buggy outside with no security. The lock is small and lightweight enough to carry in your changing bag and even will fit into your handbag! I left mine attached to the buggy so i knew where it was at all times. We have even used the Buddy Lock to secure my sons bike to a railing when we was on holiday as we forgot the chain lock.


The Buddy Lock is simple to use, it has a combination lock that you set up on the first time with a new 3 digit code. Half of the lock is covered with soft foam to prevent scratches on your buggy.

I have one of these locks to giveaway to you, all you have to do is the following:

  • Like my facebook page
  • Follow me on twitter
  • Tweet “I would like to secure my buggy with My Buddy Lock and @angoewright78”
  • Leave a comment below letting me know you have done the above

The giveaway will end on 8th June at midnight. I will be using to pick a winner.

I am supplying the Buddy Lock myself as a giveaway as i think it is a great little accessory to any buggy 🙂




24 thoughts on “My Buggy Buddy Lock Giveaway

  1. all done liked fb as nicci twinklenicci cowdell-murray , followed and tweeted as @chanson2010

  2. Thank you, all steps completed. I saw these at the Manchester Baby Show, they are a super idea.

  3. what a good idea, tweeted@ jachanny1. gud luck everyone, got my fingers crossed, legs crossed and eyes crossed 😉

  4. Awesome little item! I got my stroller stolen last month at the health center as I was visiting for Victoire’s first month check! I was so upset 🙁 (still am) and could definitely use this to prevent such thing from happening again! Following you on FB and Twitter! Thank you!

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